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How to Get Ready For a Cloud-First World As An MSP?

Are you one of the 77.27% of MSPs that is focused on driving new business?

And do you feel that your greatest competitive threat today are cloud providers, like 79% of MSP?

If you are answering yes, keep reading. I’ll discuss what you can do to not be left out of the cloud managed trend.

Have you noticed that small and medium size businesses (SMBs) are now demanding enterprise class technology solutions?  They depend on their network to run and grow their business.

46 % of SMBs look to outside IT firms for greater expertise and new options, which creates new opportunities for innovative MSPs like yours.

And given an SMB’s capital investment and IT resource limitations, cloud is the ideal way to gain operational and performance benefits while getting the flexibility to adapt to changes in their business. So why not offer your customers what they are looking for?


SMBs Want Services From MSPs

SMBs are looking for cloud technology from MSPs to off-load IT operations that they cannot handle with their limited IT staff. For examples, Chávez/Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy worked with their MSP, Colorado Computer Support, to delivering a quality learning experience with only limited IT staff.

Our survey earlier this year showed, security, BYOD and cloud are driving IT strategy. Organizations want to focus on their core business operations and leverage the MSP to:

  • Run their daily IT operations
  • Keep their IT system running smoothly
  • Access new technology without retraining their IT staff
  • Predict IT costs on a month-to-month basis
  • Ensure a high quality of user experience


Why as an MSP Offer a Cloud Service

It’s simple. You need to acquire new customers and maintain them by providing services they demand. Cloud managed wireless services are one of the growing services that help commercial businesses to manage an enterprise-grade wireless solution without the costs and complexity.

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Dell’Oro forcasts that cloud managed wireless, for example is growing with a CAGR of 18% (2018-2020) compared to traditional WLAN with 6% CAGR in the same time period. Many small and medium size business don’t have solid wireless yet, or are using outdated technology that does not scale and provide the quality of user experience that people demand. You need to offer an easy to use, powerful and scalable cloud managed wireless cloud solution to your customers. 

What Should You Look for in a Cloud Managed Wireless Solution as an MSP?

The solution needs to make it easy for you as an MSP to integrate these services into your offerings. Look for a solution that offers the following benefits to you:

  • Drives new business for you without the investment into cloud infrastructure
  • Lowers your operational cost with built-in multi-tenancy and delegation
  • Protects your brand with the option of white-labeling
  • Let’s you optimize your operations with extensive REST API 


How our Cloud – Managed Wireless Solution Helped UNICEF

UNICEF, UK had an ageing legacy wireless network, and needed a wireless solution that increased performance. They needed a solution that could effectively manage the user experience and offer easy onboarding for staff and BYOD devices. They also wanted a solution that was able to scale in the future, without having to rip out switches and routers.

Our partner Datrix decided to offer our ExtremeCloud to UNICEF. This is what they said about the solution they provided to their customer:

“With an ageing legacy wireless network, UNICEF UK required a wireless solution that not only represented a significant performance increase, but also a means to effectively manage the user experience and the plethora of wireless enabled corporate and consumer devices on the network.

This is where Extreme’s software-driven heritage really shines through in the ExtremeCloud solution. With ExtremeCloud, Datrix were able to rapidly deploy and configure an enterprise-grade 802.11ac wave 2 wireless solution in less than two days.

The built in management capabilities enabled Datrix to prioritise traffic at the network edge, ensuring a consistent user experience for UNICEF UK’s business critical applications. The built in application analytics have provided UNICEF UK with invaluable insight into their network utilisation and user behaviours, and role-based policy management ensures unauthorised users, devices or applications are restricted from the network.

With ExtremeCloud Wireless, UNICEF UK have facilitated their cloud and mobile first strategy, delivering a high-performance wireless experience to their users while building in the scalability and capacity to support the ever-growing number of mobile devices.”

– Mahmood Chaudhri, Managing Director, Datrix


Check out the main benefits that our ExtremeCloud offers: ExtremeCloud – Simple, Powerful, Scalable

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