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How Do We Overcome the Unique IT Challenges in Education?

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 23 Mar 2020

With exponentially increasing complexity from IoT, BYOD, multiplying student devices, and evolving Wi-Fi standards, it has never been more challenging to manage the school or campus network. New analytics and cloud-driven network management, combined with AI and machine learning, are helping to simplify the job. In our most recent webinar “Overcoming the Unique IT Challenges in Education” we were joined by Daryl Reseigh the ICT Systems Manager for Eggar’s School in the United Kingdom and Scott Young the IT Project Manager for Pulaski Public Schools in Arkansas. Both expert speakers provided their schools:

  • New way to manage the ultra-high density and capacity seen on colleges and university campuses, both indoors and outdoors
  • Proactive measures successful IT teams take to prevent network issues
  • How to leverage network security to meet the increase network demands from BYOD and IoT
  • Network management insight provided by cloud-based AI/ML toolsets
  • Ensuring an optimized user experiences across the school campus

Eggar’s School is located in Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom. The small rural school has 960 students and 90 staff members. Eggar’s School was faced with many challenges in order to reach their desired goals. Eggar’s wanted to introduce wireless streaming of content from a device to the classroom board, BYOD, outdoor Wi-Fi for learning spaces, as well as increase reliability and enable remote management. The following solutions lead Eggar’s School to Extreme Networks; Bonjour services for apple devices allow teachers to wirelessly project their content onto the board, BYOD using PPSK and increasing the networks capacity by having 1 access point per classroom as well as expanding to outdoors, lastly ExtremeCloud IQ is accessible 24/7 and makes it easier to manage and monitor the wireless network. ExtremeCloud IQ has greatly impacted Eggar’s school because there is no longer one point of failure, they can easily make changes on the go or remotely. Eggar’s School truly feels that with Extreme Networks they have endless capabilities.

Pulaski County Special School District is located in Littlerock, Arkansas. Pulaski’s district consists of 25 schools, 7 admin sites, 12,000 students, 2,2000 employees, 13,000 Chromebooks, and 4,00 iPads. Pulaski Public Schools was faced with a challenge that quickly needed a solution. The emergence of online testing created the need for building wide wireless throughout their district. The school districts outdated computers were in need of updating which lead them to become a 1:1 student device program. The solution to Pulaski’s challenges were to have 1,650 access points throughout the district, which would allow mass number of devices to be used simultaneously. Scott said, “We were lucky to have Extremes Networks, those access points have been rock solid for us”.  Pulaski Public Schools future plans consist of a 5-year refresh of all devices so that they can continue to have a strong and reliable network.

After the customer panel Alexandra Gates, our Director of Product Marketing went over an in-depth technical dive of our solutions, specific to the education vertical. She explains how Extreme is dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation of schools and universities to deliver progress like never before.

For more details watch the full on-demand webinar here: Overcoming the Unique IT Challenges in Education.

In addition, Alexandra recorded a live demonstration of ExtremeCloud IQ, Extreme’s 3rd generation cloud end-to-end solution. Take a look at the live demo below!


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