How did Kean University Make the Grade?

Lisa Yeaton Senior Specialist, Social Media Published 27 Jun 2018

How does a large public university create a consumer-like student experience? With Extreme Networks solutions. Kean University prides itself on its commitment to student success, but was challenged when it could not meet that goal because of its centrally-controlled legacy network infrastructure. The university faced issues when it’s over 15,000 students and faculty experienced significant network bottlenecks and users demanded more bandwidth for their devices. They needed a higher performing, dynamic auto-configuring network.

The increased Wi-Fi and network demands forced the university to search for a new infrastructure solution. While evaluating products, the university made it a point to not only purchase a solution that would solve its current network challenges, but also handle future challenges and emerging technologies like the internet of things. They required a network that was future-proofed, reliable, secure, redundant, and fast.

Kean University chose a solution from Extreme Networks to meet their needs.  The university is using ExtremeFabric Connect, ERS 5900, VSP 8400, VSP 9000, and the WLAN 9100 Series access points. With the new network solution from Extreme, Kean University has created a consumer-like end user experience, reduced the number of hours spent on installing new devices on the network, improved its security, and ensured that maintenance and network upgrades do not impact day to day operations. The scalability and design of the 9100 series access points allows the university to meet all of their current and future Wi-Fi needs, including application control to help manage bandwidth, and competitive from a price standpoint.

“Technology is important to the future of Kean University and its students, and Extreme is enabling our vision of 21st century learning,” says Dr. Dawood Farahi, president, Kean University

The new fabric technology makes the job of the IT department easier. ExtremeFabric Connect simplifies IP video surveillance deployments from small to large. Fabric can streamline the network, eliminate legacy protocols and enable IP unicast and multicast routing with greater ease, scale, and resiliency than has been possible in the past.  In this transitional period for video surveillance technology, it’s time for universities to choose the networking solution that just works. ExtremeFabric Connect is the industry’s most powerful network virtualization technology; making the network much simpler to design, operate, and troubleshoot.

“Leveraging technologies that support fabric-attached devices, like video surveillance cameras, really puts the institution ahead of the game and allows us to use resources more efficiently. It takes minutes, not hours, to deploy access points – as quickly as someone can physically change the device.” Joe Marinello, Director of IT, Kean University

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