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Harnessing the Power of the Cloud for Retail

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 1 Jun 2021

Leveraging Extreme’s 3rd generation cloud platform, ExtremeCloud IQ helps retail organizations automate end-to-end, data center to edge network operations, unlock actionable intelligence, scale faster, and secure and optimize the end-user and application experience.

Watch the demo video and learn how ExtremeCloud IQ meets the unique needs of retail!


As the video demonstrated, ExtremeCloud IQ equips businesses with a cross-function of unique features tailored for retail businesses. ExtremeCloud IQ provides a retail cloud front-end and back-end; front end includes customizable dashboards with dual-persona KPIs for business and technical staff, and the cloud back-end supports cloud vendor agnostic regional data centers, with longer data retention and open APIs.

In addition to the customized, built-in retail analytics and insights, ExtremeCloud IQ also enables rapid network deployment to support all your retail sites with cloud management, and unlimited scale to accommodate the fluctuations in retail demand with an elastic cloud-driven network that seamlessly adapts to evolving needs.   

To dig deeper into Extreme’s cloud-driven networking solutions for the industry, listen to our webinar, Why Cloud for Retail: Network-Enabled Speed and Innovation, where our experts discuss the benefits of cloud-based IT solutions.  This panel includes real insights and lessons learned featuring one of Extreme’s largest retail customers, who relies on cloud-driven networking solutions to power and support their 2,100 locations across the United States. 

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