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Future-proof Your Security. No Crystal Ball Required.

Lauren Farah Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 25 Jan 2021

If I told you 7 out of 10 Organizations have seen hacking attempts via IoT, would you believe me? Do you think the same level of threat does not apply to state and local governments? If so, I’ve got a bag of magic beans to sell you. Municipalities large and small are turning to the IoT to ensure the public is better served, better protected, but without multi-layer security architecture, they may as well be ringing the dinner bell for hackers licking chops.

Each layer of your deployment is a possible open door. From tapping into the physical layer, spoofing the network layer, and a malware attack on the application layer, to hijacking the session layer, the threat your IoT initiative faces is very real. The right security stature will minimize the blow. However, insufficient preparation can prove a haymaker.

Taking a bird’s-eye view, system wide endpoints require appropriate configuration – encryption, patches, strong passwords, access management, for example. Moving to the network level, an amalgamation of packet inspection, content filtering, firewalls as well as intrusion prevention and detection systems comprise common efforts.  It’s important to segment the network, isolate and protect assets, data, and devices – critical IoT endpoint or not.

As the edge takes on an evolved, more significant role in operations, securing and monitoring these devices is more critical than ever. Extreme Networks, for example, works with Fabric Connect or 3rd party networks to isolate groups of devices in IPsec tunnels to craft secure zones where policy is applied and enforced.

The multi-layer approach is best achieved with multiple vendors, which is why Extreme presents an open-ecosystem working to defend operations through the edge, data center, and cloud with a comprehensive, collaborative approach. In addition to offering a more customized, security profile, it also enables the ability to advance over time, future-proofing security.

I can’t stress this enough, the human factor is at fault more often than not. Regular education and training on best practices can make a world of difference; there can’t be any excuses for clicking the wrong link anymore. The digital era demands more.

Blocking and tackling in minimizing attack vectors is ensuring each layer of security compliments and strengthens the integrity of security strategy.  Monitor and detect, authenticate and authorize, regardless of how high the walls are built, there is always a weakest link. Where is yours?

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