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From Start To Finish: Understanding Extreme’s Approach To Security In Cloud Architecture

Kendra Luciano Managing Editor, Content Marketing Published 27 May 2021

The word “security” has a new level of importance in 2021, especially when it comes to IT infrastructure. Before the pandemic of 2020, businesses that used cloud services likely never appreciated the necessity of having heightened security incorporated into their networks. Now that remote work has become the norm, businesses and enterprises are recognizing that end-to-end security is no longer a feature that can be dismissed.

Business customers across the globe are using 2021 as the year to prepare for the post-pandemic era with a proper cloud deployment. What many customers may not realize is that not all cloud deployments are built alike, and there are many leading providers that may not be as secure as they claim. Speed, convenience, and reliability are all valid reasons to invest in a cloud infrastructure, but those features are meaningless if the solutions behind them lack security. We understand this point, which is why our team follows strict security and privacy guidelines throughout the process of designing, building, and deploying a cloud-driven network.  ExtremeCloud IQ is the only cloud networking vendor currently triple-certified to International Standards Organization (ISO) criteria for its adherence to information security management systems best practices and controls.

One of the most significant steps that Extreme developers take to ensure security when creating cloud products is the secure separation of duties. Sophisticated networks require individual teams to separately accomplish tasks. For instance, software engineers at Extreme work separately from hardware designers and are not given access to other team’s information. Simply put, each design team creates a piece of the puzzle, and puzzle pieces are not shared. Because a single team will never hold all the pieces, the design process remains completely secure, preventing distribution of private information via division of labor.

Peer reviews are another mandatory requirement for our developer teams, which provide a thorough evaluation to ensure quality from a reliable, uninfluenced source. This occurs frequently with coders, who use peer reviews to approve all new code before deployment. In addition to peer reviews, coders are also required to follow rigid industry development standards to guarantee poorly written code is never incorporated. By following these firm review procedures, Extreme developers ensure every element of a product’s testing is evaluated rigorously, giving customers added confidence their system is designed to perfection.

Along with intense quality control among employees, Extreme’s Cloud infrastructure and products have a number of industry certifications and that can offer further confidence for customers. All Extreme business products are compliant with ISO standards. In addition, Extreme’s solutions are SOC2 compliant – a certification specifically designed to protect customer data from being misused or stored improperly. The vast among of certifications and auditing through the entire development process demonstrates Extreme’s dedication toward ethical data practices and customer safety.

A proper cloud infrastructure is one of the most necessary upgrades a business can achieve this year, so choosing the right provider is essential. With ExtremeCloud IQ, businesses can work with confidence, knowing that their networks are running safely, securely, and in compliance with best industry standards and regulations.

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