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Find a Pizza ‘Near Me’

Jeevan Patil Senior Director, Product Management Published 14 Jan 2021

Extending Effortless Experiences to our Partners and Distributors with World SKU

I have always been fascinated by how stuff works! Don’t you wonder how Google search is able to locate ‘Pizza Near Me’ without entering any details of your location? A simple yet powerful hyper-personalized that changes based upon your context. When in Detroit, this would probably show me a link to my favorite pizza store. In the enterprise wireless space, given the need for regulatory compliance, why is a different hardware SKU needed in every region your product can operate in. Why cannot we change this and automatically address this with the same magic?

Picture Courtesy Instagram Pizza Papalis: The author’s favorite deep dish pizza

The recent pandemic has enabled employees to exercise their ability to work from another city, another state, or even another country. If an employee has been issued an access point to deploy in one country and they move to another country, they need to swap the product. Now imagine the plight of the partners and distributors that stock the access points for enterprise customers that have worldwide deployments. They need to maintain various SKUs where the only difference is a few software items in the registry. Isn’t it time to change this? How cool would it be if you could hand-carry your product from one region to another and just like your phone starts operating in the new frequency, your access point starts doing the same?

Enter… the latest innovation from Extreme Networks ‘World SKU’. The magic of having worldwide deployment of ExtremeCloud IQ enables us to geo-locate an access point and accurately provide it the corresponding set of channel and power specifications that the product can operate under. What steps are needed on the behalf of the customer – nada!

How about the partner – nada! Now that’s what I call innovation.

The World SKU is another proof-point under the Effortless Experiences initiative that is enabling customers to move faster, embracing innovation and fueling growth. This initiative solution is easy to order, easy to deploy, and easy to manage. Universal hardware allows customers to manage the same unit with on-premises or in the cloud management. The latest innovation ‘World SKU’ enables our partners and distributors to solve an age-old problem of using a single SKU of access point anywhere in the world.

Starting soon, you will be able to order a World SKU for all your access points. Watch this space or talk to your Extreme rep to understand more.

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