Fighting Digital Giants: The Importance of Wi-Fi Analytics for Physical Retail Stores

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 26 Jun 2018

Contextual Guest Engagement in Retail

For brick and mortar retail stores today the threat that e-commerce poses is real: online retail sales continue to demonstrate rapid growth with billions of dollars spent every day, syphoning money away from physical stores.  In the US alone, companies like Macy’s, Apple, Wal-Mart, and of course Amazon, are making tens of millions of dollars every year.       

However, there is still hope for brick and mortar stores: 90% of sales still occur in-store, where a key touch point with the consumer takes place.  With this in mind, in order to maintain profitability, compete with online retailers and combat the digital giants mentioned above, physical retailers must leverage strategic technologies to transform the in-store experience and deliver a personalized, value-added experience that aligns with the habits of today’s consumer.

It begins and ends with a consumer’s mobile device; 80% of millennials today use their phone in-store while shopping, and 74% claim to be willing to receive location-based mobile alerts or promotions.  This provides an enormous opportunity to engage with consumers in a meaningful and personalized way, delivering an onsite experience that competes with online retailers.   

Brick and mortar stores can accomplish these goals with an integrated IT strategy and an investment in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics.  Deploying these technologies enable retailers with the ability to:

  • React to key events at the shop floor in real-time
  • Identify shoppers entering the store
  • Engage with shoppers related to their location on the shop floor
  • Enable contextual and personalized marketing
  • Provide visibility of available staff and store assets
  • Alert employees on important tasks or requests
  • Analyze customer and staff behaviour to optimise offerings and services

With Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics, not only is the consumer experience augmented the operations of the store are optimized.

To learn more about how Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics is transforming today’s retail store listen to our thought-leadership webinar!  For more information check out Planet Retail’s whitepaper, ‘Personalisation Opportunities in Retail Stores.’

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