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Extreme: The New Triple Threat

Randy Cross Senior Director, Program Management Published 13 Sep 2017

“Omne trium perfectum” is a Latin phrase that means, “Everything that comes in threes is perfect.”   

Given the current exercise of bringing together 3 established networking brands, (Extreme, Avaya, and Brocade), within Extreme, I’m rather inclined to agree. Just as the 3 sides of a triangle make it the strongest shape, the capabilities of these 3 brands are combining to make Extreme the strongest player in Enterprise networking.

The key to good real estate is location, location, location.  

It’s so important that they say it 3 times.  Coincidentally, there are 3 locations, or “places,” in the network that are critical to Enterprise IT:  access, campus and data center.  We refer to these Places In the Network as PINs, and what makes Extreme so strong is having collected the best of breed products and technologies in each PIN to create industry leading solutions across all 3.

The first example of an integrated solution was recently introduced as the Automated Campus. 

It’s comprised of products and technologies that individually provide tremendous value.  For example, ExtremeAnalytics recognizes almost 7x more applications than the leading competitor and offers better fingerprinting capabilities (including customizable fingerprints), and Extreme Fabric Connect provides 11x faster time to service, 7x faster mean time to repair and 28x higher multicast scaling than traditional Campus technologies. 

However, when these best of breed elements are combined with other best of breed elements from the Extreme Management Center suite, ExtremeWireless, Summit Series and the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) family; you get an industry leading Campus solution based on an automated, secure, policy-enabled architecture.

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With challenges like IoT growth, increasing data breaches and digital business moving faster than the existing networks, the time is now to partner with a vendor that is exclusively focused on the core of the problem:  networking.  According to Gartner, “the network represents a relatively expensive segment of the enterprise IT infrastructure — the data network alone demands, on average, approximately 10% of IT costs.”  That cost isn’t driven by product purchases.  It’s an operational cost resulting from complexity and outdated technologies.  Those are exactly the types of problems solved by the Automated Campus, and that solution is a product of Extreme’s focus on the customer driven networking solutions.

You may notice some patterns running through this narrative:  3, best of breed, focus, strength. 

That’s no accident.  Patterns are created through repetition, which triggers recognition by our brains and leads to understanding.  Not surprisingly, 3 is the minimum data set to create a pattern.  The 3 brands coming together under Extreme have created patterns of innovation and focus, which have led to best of breed products and technologies.  Continuing to repeat those patterns while taking advantage of their natural alignment, leads down the path to customer-focused solutions like the Automated Campus…, which ultimately makes Extreme, the strongest networking vendor in the industry.

Learn more about the Extreme Automated Campus solution in our On-Demand Webinar: A Practical Approach to Bringing Automation, Security, and Efficiency to Your Network

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