Extreme Networks Teams Up With IPVideo to Address the Teenage Vaping Epidemic

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 19 Jun 2020

The surge in vaping among youth, as fueled by new forms and types of e-cigarettes is cause for great concern. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns, We must take action now to protect the health of our nation’s young people.” School districts and universities are being held accountable to act on this issue. Within the past year the number of students who are vaping has risen about 75 percent.  

Extreme Networks teamed up with IPVideo and Engineered Security Solutions to share approaches for dealing with the issue vaping in schools during the Teenage Vaping is on the Rise: Vape Sensor Solutions Webinar. IPVideo Corporation has multiple products that put student safety first. Specifically, their newest product HALO IOT Smart Sensor helps detect and combat vaping. HALO is a multi-sensor device that detects vape, smoke, THC, and sound abnormalities like shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed. HALO has 12 unique sensors that detect a multitude of measurements with unlimited customization. Additional functions include air quality and environmental monitoring, chemical detection, light level detection for off-hours building breaches, and audio analytics. Within HALO schools have the ability to design their own configurations for monitoring and managing as well as turning on separate cameras (outside of private areas), adjusting and lights, turning the heat on and off, and choosing when to sound alarms. 

Engineered Security Solutions, Inc partnered with IPVideo on the HALO product to adapt it to today’s ever-changing security demands. ESS shared with us the steps involved in HALO deployments: 

Review Project Layout 

  • Determine the coverage areas and censors required 
  • Identify the IDFs (wiring closets) and note any additional wiring runs 
  • Determine infrastructure and PoE requirements (Extreme access point and switching power certified) 


  • Wiring 
  • Sensors 
  • Video Management System (optional) 
  • Configuration 
  • Customized per customer preference and unique requirements  

Post Installation 

  • Acclimate /Adjust 
  • Customer documentation created 
  • Handoff 

The benefits of HALO IOT Smart Sensor are endless and put student safety first. The Vape Sensor Solutions SlideShare provides details on the challenges with vaping, multi-sensors, system architecture and design of the K-12 solution, software integration for alarm and alert notification, and solutions certified with Extreme products

During this on-demand webinar, both parties outline and discuss the benefits this solution provides school districts and students. Taking action to help prevent youth vaping is a tough mission, but starting at the frontlines of the epidemic is critical and proactive. Implementing preventive solutions ultimately ensures healthier learning environments for students and staff.  

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