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Extreme Networks Joins Founding Board of Linux Foundation’s OpenSwitch Project

Eric Broockman Chief Technology Officer Published 26 Jun 2018

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux, has announced the launch of its innovative OpenSwitch Project and Extreme Networks is proud to serve as a founding member. The OpenSwitch Project aims to support increased agility in the network through Linux and open source software development with the ultimate goal of stimulating ecosystem innovation in the data center market. Extreme will join a collaborative community of contributors, including Broadcom and LinkedIn to build a shared code base that can be efficiently leveraged by many entities.


Extreme Networks is no stranger to Linux code base and other open source software, as we already make extensive use of these platforms in our product portfolio. This engagement with the Linux Foundation was a natural extension of our current development philosophy. The OpenSwitch project aligns especially well with our ExtremeSwitching product line and will allow us to make key contributions to the project based on our extensive networking expertise. Our ExtremeSwitching line includes modular switches that support everything from small enterprise connectivity, to service provider and cloud data centers. Our switches are designed to support the evolving applications of converged networks, and feature exceptional quality of service, low latency, resiliency, line rate performance and advanced Power over Ethernet. The OpenSwitch project complements our goals of delivering flexible, secure and efficient switching platforms to enterprises worldwide.


In addition to utilizing the new network operating system to accelerate innovation and development, Extreme will serve as a key supporter in helping build a broader base of ecosystem partners to extend our portfolio of solutions to customers worldwide. By joining the governing board of this groundbreaking initiative, we hope to help drive the OpenSwitch Project in the direction of maximum success. 

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