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Extreme Networks: An IT Game-Changer

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 21 Sep 2018

How Extreme Networks is Changing the Game for IT Providers and Their Customers

A Game Changer makes their presence known.  They challenge the status quo, finding new and innovative ways to transform themselves, and as a result, the space and the entities around them.  This means a Game Changer strongly impacts and elevates the other members of their ‘team,’ whether their team is on the field, in the office, or scattered across the world.  Not to mention, a Game Changer is focused, determined, and relentless in the pursuit of their goals.  They have a clear and unwavering purpose, and they believe in themselves and their ability to achieve it.  Above all else, game changers successfully execute on their ‘game plan.’


Extreme Networks is an ‘IT Game Changer,’ transforming the way customers and partners think about networking manufacturers.  In Sports & Entertainment, our dedicated business unit was the first to successfully tackle the challenge of delivering high-density Wi-Fi for fans in-stadium; we were also the first to offer granular, actionable Wi-Fi analytics to the NFL and its teams, providing valuable insights into the mobile usage behavior of connected fans on game day.  As the demands and requirements of these systems evolve, so too has EXTR’s design and delivery of our solutions – continuing to set the standard of performance and support for teams and their fans on game day. 10 NFL teams now leverage ExtremeWireless, 22 NFL teams leverage ExtremeAnalytics. This year will also be the 5th Super Bowl where ExtremeAnalytics is installed in-stadium.   

If Extreme’s Sports & Entertainment business unit is a game-changing player, then Extreme’s entire organization is a game-changing team.  Our ability to create the vision for our company’s future and drive toward this vision with steadfast purpose is unparalleled in the industry.  The results are undeniable: in the past 4 years, through organic growth and acquisitions, Extreme catapulted from the #13 enterprise networking provider to the #3.  Analysts identify Extreme as a “visionary” provider in the wired and wireless infrastructure space, for our “Ability to Execute” and our “Completeness of Vision.” 

Most importantly, Extreme is a Game Changer for our customers and partners, who have experienced the outcomes of these successes. Our dedication to being their IT Game Changer is clear.  With the #1 ranked service and support team in the industry, we’re delivering on the promises we make to our customers and partners every single day – not just on game day.  Of equal importance, EXTR and our technologies enable and empower our customers and partners to be Game Changers for their customers, and our customers’ customers.  Just like on the field, when you have game changers on your team everyone wins!  

Check out the resources below, and learn more about how Extreme is a Game Changer, and how we empower our customers to be Game Changers too!

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