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Extreme Demand Center Helps Partners Customize Marketing Campaigns and Drive New Business Opportunities

Gordon Mackintosh Vice President, Worldwide Channels Published 26 Jun 2018

In today’s digital world, our partners are looking for solutions that offer automated support to help increase efficiency, evolve their businesses and better position them for future opportunities. At Extreme, our goal is to help our partners grow by providing them with leading solutions to effectively sell and yield greater profitability. To help our partners and distributors meet these needs, we introduced a newly updated Extreme Demand Center to our partners and distributors worldwide at our Global Partner Summit in October following a soft launch in August of this year.

Extreme Demand Center is a centralized, simple and efficient platform with leading digital marketing approaches designed to help partners and distributors increase productivity, responsiveness and differentiation across vertical markets. The solution offers packaged and customized marketing capabilities, which support global channel partners and distributors with industry leading marketing tools, resources and campaigns to drive revenue and sales opportunities. This approach enables partners and distributors to use digital insight to better target customers and engage earlier in the sales cycle. Using this service, they are able to more easily and efficiently track demand for solutions and replicate campaigns to deliver greater return.

The platform also enables partners to easily access webinars, content syndication and email campaigns. By having access to these tools through one centralized portal, they are able to create and execute campaigns with a faster turnaround time on each initiative. Additionally, throughout the entire process, partners and distributors have access to a designated marketing team at Extreme to ensure the success of their campaigns. With this rollout, Extreme is further extending our commitment to reward and incentivize partner success while ensuring these new tools will help them capitalize on their investments well into the future.

Since our soft launch in August, partners have been able to qualify and take advantage of more than 642 new leads, equating to a $12M pipeline in just one quarter. Additionally, following the official launch at the Global Partner Summit, we nearly doubled the number of partners and distributors who are taking advantage of this new service. Don’t miss out! Take advantage of the opportunities Extreme Demand Center can offer to better tailor marketing campaigns to help your company meet sales goals.

If you’d like additional information about how Extreme Demand Center can help your company meet marketing and sales goals, attend our ExtremeLive webinar on November 29th at 11 AM to learn more.

Additionally, take a look at how our partners are already seeing results by using Extreme Demand Center in these testimonial videos:

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