Learn from Your Peers at Extreme Connect! Meijer’s Randy McClary & More Retail & Transportation Experts Will Facilitate Birds of a Feather

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 8 Feb 2018

Are you interested in hearing how your peers are leveraging IT solutions to accomplish their business goals?  Bring your Retail/Transportation IT and networking experiences to Extreme Connect and you’re guaranteed to return home with fresh perspectives and insightful takeaways, to apply to your day to day role. We’ve set aside three hours at Extreme Connect to share your retail topics, roadblocks, and unique solutions with other IT leaders from the retail industry. The final discussion topics are driven by you! We collect suggestions both before and during the conference and will let your group prioritize the discussion.

At the Retail/Transportation session you’ll hear short presentations from a select group of participants, who will share their respective IT challenges and the technologies they leveraged to find solutions for these challenges. Let us know if you would like to give a 5 to 10 minute overview of a challenge you are currently faced with. The group will also discuss commonly-held goals and specific projects, outlining the unique approach they took in successfully completing these endeavors.  For Retail, topics may include offering personalized in-store experiences, leveraging location based analytics and services, enabling in-store personnel, and pursuing omni-channel strategies.  For transportation, trends include data-driven supply chain insights, IoT integration and support, warehouse management, and network analytics.

The Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are organized by industry peers and facilitated by IT industry leaders. Not only will we have sessions retail/transportation, but also education, healthcare, and venues/hospitality. As registrations continue, we may offer additional sessions to accommodate other industries.


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Retail/Transportation Moderator: Randy McClary: IT Solution Architect, Meijer 

Randy works at Meijer as an IT Solution Architect.  He has 30+ years of progressive wireless and networking experience starting in logistics, manufacturing, transportation as well as small and large-scale warehouse distribution models.  Having been involved in early handhelds through IoT, Randy continues to gain knowledge while delivering functional solutions.  Looking ahead, the opportunities for networking and wireless are continuing to grow, even exponentially. 

The Retail BoF, is just one of the sessions you’ll want to participate in at Extreme Connect. There’s also Implementing ExtremeLocation for Retail with Cal Calamari, Extreme’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobility Solutions.  This session will go into the details of implementing BLE and Wi-Fi based location services for retail, to provide a better shopping experience and to optimize store layout.

If you’re not in the Retail/Transportation industry, there is still a BoF for you, and plenty of technology sessions. For more on Extreme Connect and to register, visit the Extreme Connect 2018 User Conference page

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