Extreme Connect is Almost Here! Catch a Session and Expand Your Networking Knowledge

Lisa Yeaton Specialist, Content Marketing Published 3 Apr 2018

Extreme Connect 2018 is approaching quickly! We have lots of  sessions planned, offering something for everyone whether you’re an expert, just starting out or fall somewhere in-between. Extreme Connect is taking place from April 17-20 at Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Extreme Connect sessions are going to kick-off on Wednesday, 18 April, 2018, with Norman Rice, the Chief Marketing, Development, and Product Operations Officer welcoming everyone to the event! His session will be succeeded by these general keynote sessions:

  • Company Strategy – Ed Meyercord – President and CEO
  • Industry View – Eric Broockman – Chief Technology and Engineering Officer
  • Product Roadmap – Nabil Buhakri – Senior Vice President of Product Management and Dan Dulac – Vice President of Solutions Strategy
  • Analyst Panel
  • Service Continuity – Kevin Gray – Vice President of Worldwide Service Delivery

These sessions are going to set the tone for the event and prepare attendees for their technology breakout sessions. There are over 30 breakout sessions designed and segmented into 3 robust tracks based on technical depth for attendees to choose from. All products, solutions and verticals have been worked into the tracks to offer the best selection of sessions for attendees to enhance their networking knowledge and elevate their organizations’ network infrastructure. We’ll be covering everything from fabrics, multicast, mobility, the power of Extreme Cloud, automation and visibility in the data center, and more.

A Taste of the Technology Breakout Sessions

The breakout sessions part of the agenda will kick off with what we call “Futures” on Wednesday, 18 April, 2018.The Futures sessions will address how attendees can prepare for tomorrow’s technologies, trends, and opportunities. The four Futures Sessions attendees can choose to attend include:

  • Revolutionizing Wi-Fi with 802.11ax – provides an in depth look at the next generation of Wi-Fi technologies – 802.11ax and what the impact it will have for wireless networks, applications, and users.
    • Presented by Devin Akin, Principal Wi-Fi Architect at Divergent Dynamics, Inc.
  • Technology Trends Shaping Wired Access and Campus Networks – technology topics discussed will include automation, analytics, and new Ethernet standards and the impact they will have on the network.
    • Presented by Randy Cross, Senior Director of Program Management at Extreme
  • Agility is the Key to Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Data Center – covers technology trends in the data center including cloud optimization, automation, the need for pervasive visibility, and the advantages of adaptive platforms.
    • Presented by Sanjay Khanna, Senior Director of Product Management – Data Center & SP Products at Extreme
  • Directions on Designing, Deploying and Operating Networks – network analytics and business intelligence can deliver operational efficiencies and monetization opportunities for enterprises by bringing together insights from the vast amount of disparate data sources scattered throughout the network, learn more at this session
    • Presented by Prasad Pammidimukkala, Senior Director of Product Management at Extreme

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The Extreme Connect breakout sessions are broken up to cover a wide range of networking topics across three tracks or groups of sessions based on technical depth. The available tracks include:

  • Track 1: Technology Explained – What does it do?
  • Track 2: Technology in Action – How is it applied?
  • Track 3: Technology Specialization – How do the pieces form a solution?

The tracks are broken up this way to introduce ideas in the Track 1 sessions and go technologically deeper with the topic in Tracks 2 and 3. These personalized technical learning tracks offer something for everyone whether you are an expert, just starting out or fall somewhere in-between. We have sessions that are just right for you.

In addition to the Futures sessions and the 3 Breakout Tracks, attendees can also attend sessions based on Vertical Specialization on Thursday April 19, 2018.  And on Friday, April 20, be sure to catch one of our Birds of a Feather vertically-focused sessions—these are customer-lead discussions from diverse practice areas to discuss technology successes, failures and best practices. There are healthcare, education, retail/transportation, and sports/hospitality sessions for attendees to select from.

Here is a snapshot of all the breakout sessions taking place at Connect!

[For more information on specific sessions, please visit the Extreme Connect website]

Attendees can mix and match which sessions they’d like to attend from the 3 Tracks as well as Futures and Vertical Specialization, but they must register ASAP to ensure they get into the sessions they’d like to attend. Attendees will receive an email after their registration is complete with the details on how they can select sessions and plan their week at Extreme Connect. For more details on all of the breakout sessions, please visit the Extreme Connect website!

Not Registered? Hurry!

Get ahead of the evolution network of network technology and hone your skills with in-depth breakout sessions. If you haven’t registered, now is the time! Register for Extreme Connect 2018 today.

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