Extreme CEO: Events in D.C. Will Serve as Catalyst for Unity

Ed Meyercord President and Chief Executive Officer Published 7 Jan 2021

It has been my instinct to avoid commentary around politics and global news events and to keep everyone at Extreme focused on driving the success of our business. However, there are certain circumstances when I feel compelled to comment. 

Yesterday we witnessed something seemingly unimaginable – a mob of protesters entering the U.S. Capitol – the “People’s House.” My belief is that the embarrassing abdication of leadership and the unprecedented act by a mob undermining our democracy will become a catalyst for unity. My hope is that the unintended consequence will be to bring people closer together rather than to divide us at a time when we need hope and inspiration.  

As a business, we operate with many of the same principles that have allowed democracy to flourish around the world. We are diverse and inclusive; we value candor and transparency. We believe cognitive diversity brings a deeper and richer culture, new and innovative ideas, and challenges to conventional thinking. We thrive on differing ideas, opinions, and constructive conflict as we adjust and adapt to the rapidly changing industry where we compete. While we don’t always agree, we “fuss it out” in a respectful and considerate way and once decisions are made, we unify behind them. The process makes us stronger and builds trust.

Come January 20th, we are confident we will see a peaceful transition of power in the U.S., with a new resolve to work together, stand united, and to drive change for the better.

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