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Everyone Needs to Connect to the Internet – Extreme Border Routing Solutions

Joerg Bonarius Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 11 Mar 2021

Highly scalable Internet Peering and Routing for Campus, Data Center Operators, and Service Providers

The modern Enterprise expands from on-premise, private and hybrid cloud to full multi-cloud architectures to address agility, scale, security, reliability and cost requirements as digital transformation reshapes their business environment.

As the industry’s first cloud-driven end-to-end enterprise networking vendor, Extreme Networks delivers innovative network platforms to deliver an autonomous enterprise that empowers and enables Enterprise network managers to address rapidly evolving, agile business demands to simplify and scale network operations while driving out cost.


Extreme Elements™ deliver the building blocks to tailor the network to meet specific business goals and objectives. These options include the SLX 9640 and SLX 9540, which are compact fixed form WAN Edge Routers.

Here are some typical deployment scenarios:


There are several considerations when choosing the right solution, please check out this Extreme Border Routing solution brief. It talks in more details about the following decision criteria:

  • High performance with a modular, virtualized operating system
  • Internet-Scale Routing with OptiScale™ Routing
  • Ultra Deep Buffers
  • Strong Network Security
  • Extreme Insight™ Architecture
  • Pay as you Grow Flexibility with ports on demand
  • Extreme Management Center

Please read the following case study with Trunk Networks and learn how they use the Extreme Border Routing solutions: Trunk Networks offers dedicated Broadband Services for Gamers, Powered by Extreme Networks

For more information, please visit the following resources:

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