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EPN Highlighted in Canalys Survey

Gordon Mackintosh Vice President, Worldwide Channels Published 6 Mar 2017

Here at Extreme, we truly value our partners and have taken the time to hear our partners as well. In the past year, we have gone through a transformation with our partner program, the Extreme Partner Network (EPN), while also putting the right pieces in place organizationally to best support our valued partners. We listened to our partner base and took the necessary steps to enhance our relationship with them, and ensure that everything we do is in the name of having a true partnership with our entire EPN community.

From creating additional benefits and incentives within the EPN, to structuring our channel sales organization in a way to better serve our partner base, we put a plan in place, executed on it, and the results are in. Our partners have noticed in a big way!

Through Canalys’ partner sentiment tracker via their online IT channel community, Candefero, our partner base is being heard yet again and we like what we’re hearing! With marked improvements in numerous areas including ease of doing business, margin retention & profitability, as well as the quality of both technical and sales support we provide, we are delighted to know that our efforts to improve our partnerships have been well received! Below is a look at just how much we have improved in the eyes of our partners relative others in the networking industry over a 12 month period of time from December, 2015 through December, 2016. To view all of the results from the Canalys survey, including that of other vendors involved, click here. 


Phase one of our partner program enhancements were developed and announced in May/June of 2016 and implemented and executed on beginning in July of 2016. The second phase of our partner program enhancements was announced at our global partner summit in October with implementation and execution taking place in the months following. This research by Canalys indicates that partner sentiment increased significantly at both of those junctures; both roll-outs of our program enhancements. In working hand in hand with our partner base regularly to figure out how we can continue to improve, it comes as no surprise that our partners have come back to us with positive feedback.

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We couldn’t be happier with these results. Ultimately, a year ago we set out to make great strides in the quality of our partner program and the relationship we hold with our partners. At this point, we feel as if we are on the right path based on what we’re hearing from our partner base, but there is no limit to how great our partnerships can be.

The plan is to continue enhancing our partner program, helping our partners grow and expand their business alongside Extreme Networks. More enhancements are already in the works as we continue to gather the feedback of our partners and make our way towards FY’s end in June. Keep an eye out for more announcements regarding what’s next for EPN in the coming months!

If you would like to take the survey yourself, we would greatly appreciate the feedback! All you have to do is follow this link to Candefero, provide your information, and take the survey. We look forward to hearing from you and building off of your feedback!

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