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What You Don’t Know About End-to-End Network Solutions

2020 delivered the world fully into the age of the Infinite Enterprise, which relies on a network model where business, connectivity, and performance follow the user. With the redefinition of the modern workplace, the business network experience follows a consumer-centric model, meeting the user’s needs and delivering an exceptional experience, anywhere, on any device.

It’s not a new concept. The model was already emerging, but its value became abundantly clear in early 2020 when businesses were pushed into a work-from-anywhere model.  Almost overnight, the enterprise network was extended, too. Theoretically, infinite locations and connectivity – and work – had to happen everywhere, not just in the corporate offices.

There are workarounds, and many – perhaps most – businesses opted for those patchwork solutions to get them through until things returned to “normal.” What happened next came as a surprise – normal changed. Remote and hybrid work is part of the new model, and business leaders and IT teams find themselves trying to make up lost ground because they weren’t prepared to support this new normal.

Their networks had been designed to support in-office work, perhaps with a few remote offices connected via MPLS to the core network. They weren’t designed to support today’s reality of distributed workforces and multi-cloud environments. The Infinite Enterprise is here to stay, and the only way to ensure employees can be productive wherever they choose, is to leverage the internet and a cloud-driven end-to-end network solution. This includes cloud-based management and SD-WAN connectivity, to deliver positive business outcomes.

As you consider your digital transformation path and network modernization plan, you should consider end-to-end network solutions that will positively impact your organization.

Your Users (and Customers) Will Love It

Powered by a cloud-delivered end-to-end solution, your users – whether in corporate sites, home offices, or remote locations – benefit from a unified network that combines wired, wireless, and SD-WAN into an extended corporate network. Regardless of where your users are, they will enjoy the same reliable, high-speed connectivity and access to all corporate resources, applications, and services to do their jobs. Customers will similarly enjoy access to your website and resources with consistent service from your customer support team.

Your CIO Will Love It

Your IT team benefits from reduced operational complexity with a complete end-to-end network solution. They gain an intuitive, holistic view of the entire network, including your wired/wireless networks and your SD-WAN, providing a comprehensive, accurate picture of what’s happening on your network in real-time. They know how well applications and services are performing, where your network may be experiencing bottlenecks, and what devices, users, or applications are overloading the network – at every site connected to your network. And they are supported by the power of machine learning to automate proactive troubleshooting, eliminating costly network downtime, and ensure application performance. They also have the power of simplified provisioning and policy management from their cloud-based platform.

Your CISO Will Love It

Your network supports more users, devices, applications, and locations than ever before. Legacy security models aren’t effective for the Infinite Enterprise model, but a unified end-to-end network solution is. Your SD-WAN solution ensures secure, reliable connectivity for all users with the latest advanced networking technologies. Features including FWaaS, Secure Web Gateway, and other advanced security to protect your network and users without sacrificing performance.

Your CFO Will Love It

A complete, cloud-managed, end-to-end network solution with a cost-effective subscription model delivers a lower TCO and accelerates ROI on your network investment. You’ve also invested in a single-vendor solution, so you get all your support from a single team intimately familiar with your implementation and infrastructure. Furthermore, the automation and simplicity of a complete network solution with single-pane-of-glass cloud management frees up your IT team to manage other corporate priorities. The reliable, secure connectivity for all your users ensures they can work productively at all times, driving better business results.

Your CEO Will Love It

Your CEO is ultimately responsible for your entire organization and will appreciate all the benefits of your end-to-end network solution that drive positive outcomes for all teams within your organization. In addition, your SD-WAN implementation as part of your end-to-end network strategy, will ensure operational resiliency across every level of the business. Your CEO will bask in the success of your entire workforce when they drive Teslas on a five-lane highway instead of Ford Escorts on local roads. The net-net is a modern network that delivers the performance, security, and reliability your CEO demands.

As you consider the future of your enterprise network, one thing is certain: You need end-to-end network solutions that provide a solid foundation for all your business needs today and tomorrow.  A flexible, cloud-delivered network built on a universal platform is the key to delivering your Infinite Enterprise.

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