Eldorado Resort & Casino: Improving Guest Satisfaction with Personalized Wi-Fi

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 21 Sep 2018

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, when you walk into a hotel or casino venue, a high-quality Wi-Fi experience is not only anticipated – it’s expected. And when you are unable to connect, whether it be to send an important business email or to FaceTime with their loved ones, it’s extremely frustrating and detracts from the experience of your stay.

Located in Reno, Nevada , the Eldorado Resort Casino looked to stand out among the other properties by giving their guests a personalized ‘at-home’ Wi-Fi experience. With the goal of replacing constant guest wireless complaints with a welcoming and value-added Wi-Fi experience for the entirety of their stay, Eldorado Resorts Inc. decided to deploy a new wireless solution from Extreme Networks at each of their three locations: Eldorado Resort Casino, Circus Circus Hotel and Casino and Silver Legacy Resort Casino.


The new network was designed to deliver a wireless network similar to the ‘at-home experience’ guests are accustomed to everyday, and it does just that… 

  • Guests are able to seamlessly and easily access the network
  • There is no limit of devices per guest able to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Abundant availability of high-quality bandwidth to support mobile usage behaviors

What’s more is that once guests are connected through the central authentication feature, they are able to stay connected as they move around all three properties for the entire length of their stay.

Before Eldorado’s network installation, guest Wi-Fi complaints occurred multiple times a day and the IT staff was overloaded. Since the Wi-Fi deployment utilizing Extreme’s purpose-built Hospitality solutions, the Eldorado Resort Casino has observed a 53% decrease in negative guest complaints year-over-year.  Wi-Fi usage has also increased from an average of 200-300 connected users to an average of 700-2,000 connected users, with the expectation that 3,800-6,000 users will be connected once the Wi-Fi network at all three properties is live. 

In addition to providing for the comprehensive connectivity needs of their guests, Eldorado now has a platform that will enable them to pursue future digital goals and will allow them to build a strategy to increase their return on investment – now and into the future.  Eldorado sees a large volume of guests per day and throughout the year – about half-a-billion guests annually. This presents a huge opportunity for the brand to strengthen their relationship with guests, and use the wireless network as another channel of communication and a unique touch point. 

With the goal of creating long-lasting memories and value-added experiences, which will resonate with guests when they are considering where to stay on their next visit to Reno, Eldorado is using their Wi-Fi network to engage and interact with their guest population. Utilizing the technology as a strategic business asset, the Eldorado Resort Casino can leverage location-based insights over the Wi-Fi network to understand how guests are engaging with the property and use the contextual analytics to better service their guests.

“Our network has message points and beacons that will allow us to communicate and create a welcoming and personalized experience for each guest. We would not be able to provide this experience at our three Las Vegas properties without the new and expanded wireless network from Extreme. Going forward we will be able to track our ROI as a result of guests making in-app purchases and choosing to do things based on our personalized advertising and communication to guest devices. These experiences are something we strive to provide to all of our guests across our 20 U.S. properties.” – Shawn Roark, Vice President of Digital Marketing and e-Commerce, Eldorado Resorts Inc.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Eldorado Resort Casino is using Extreme Wi-Fi to provide a personalized, at-home experience to their guests.

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