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Effortless in Action

Seema Kumar Senior Director, Product Marketing Published 4 Mar 2021

Hopefully you had a chance to catch the IT Warriors Channel Breakout session, Effortless in Action. As with all the sessions on the IT Warriors Channel, viewers had the opportunity to not just hear the value of Extreme Networks, but learn how and where to access the value of our solutions through live product demos. During this discussion, Mike Leibovitz, Head of Americas, CTO Office and Alexandra Gates, Director of Product Marketing, examined what effortless networking really means, especially in the context of today’s networking challenges. During the demonstrations, it’s evident how cloud brings many advantages to organizations, not the least of which is just how effortless it can be.

They began with highlighting the current trends in networking, focusing on how organizations globally are faced with changes and challenges beyond adapting to the pandemic, especially as it involves network security. With threats on the rise, and IT budgets declining, how are network admin going to address and meet the needs of keeping networks secure? Why does the networking world have to be so complex? As Mike and Alexandra discuss, from an Extreme perspective, we recognize that meeting the challenges requires more than just technology. To achieve effortless networking, your network must be simple, intuitive, and consistent – it requires:

  • Mastering emerging technologies
  • Mastering the use of real-time data
  • Have the skills required to execute

As Alexandra points out in this session, “The effortless experience isn’t just about technology. It’s not just about a wireless access point or the switches that you’re deploying. There’s a lot of other components that work together to create this effortless experience.” They highlight that an effortless experience can be defined as a simple, consistent user experience across hardware, software and services spanning the end-to-end network, from Wireless to Campus to Data Center to Branch.

Ultimately, cloud networking is the key to enabling effortless networking experiences. It drives all the components from a management and orchestration perspective but also ties in the value of network data. During the session, Alexandra demonstrates key cloud components in action:

  1. Starting is Effortless: Getting started in ExtremeCloud IQ is uncomplicated
  2. Building is Simple: Building out a network infrastructure with Extreme, whether its wired or wireless, is easy
  3. Operating is Intuitive: No matter what is going on in the network, Extreme provides a quick and instinctual path to operating the network
  4. Experience is Consistent: It’s more than just managing networks; it’s about having a single pane of glass to interoperate between all network components, including network applications

Extreme is on a journey of bringing effortless networking to organizations everywhere to help unlock business agility, leverage simple technology to adapt and do so without requiring more money and more people to do it. Extreme has been working to bring our entire portfolio, both wired and wireless, together into the cloud, offering bigger and better services – and it’s all for you, our customer, to help make your network experience as easy and as effortless as possible.

To really see effortless networking in action, check out the on-demand recording of this session to view the presentation and demos.

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