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Cutting Through the Networking Industry Noise Like Renegades

Randy Cross Senior Director, Program Management Published 22 Jan 2018

The X Ambassadors Are Headed Extreme Connect, Are You?

The X Ambassadors are one of the hottest bands in music right now, and their song Renegades is a personal favorite.

“Long live the pioneers

Rebels and mutineers”

That line could practically be the anthem for the “New Extreme.” We are the renegades of the networking industry.

Looking around, the space is dominated by a few massive players that are highly diversified across numerous areas of IT. Most don’t even count networking as their core competency, and those that do are focused on their own growth and transformation more so than the advancement of the industry.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of the 80s in IT. The industry revolved around the mainframe and IBM. IBM was one of the leading developers of the PC at the time, but they didn’t recognize its potential. As a result, their empire began to topple as the industry evolved toward innovation through software that ran on low cost hardware.

While IBM certainly didn’t go away, their business was forced to completely transform. Furthermore, they no longer sat alone at the top. The evolution in the industry led to a new generation of IT giants like Microsoft and Apple that have remained focused on innovation and transforming the IT experience. Thus, this piece is sitting in the cloud, where it can be revisited through whatever device is convenient when I have time to work on it.

The Renegades of the Networking Industry

At Extreme, we believe the time for transformation in the Networking industry is now. Just as it took smaller, more focused players to lead the revolution in IT 30 years ago, it will take determined renegades with a passion for customer experience and a knack for innovation to change the game, again.

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We’d love nothing more than to tell you how we’re going to do that through focus on best of breed products & technologies, automation of time consuming tasks like basic troubleshooting and active collaboration with complementary systems like security (to name a few). It’s all about the experience.

You can be a part of that renegade experience first-hand by attending Extreme Connect 2018, our global users’ conference taking place in Scottsdale, AZ April 17-20. You’ll have the chance to learn in detail how we’re transforming Networking, meet with our top subject matter experts & executives, network with your peers, and hear from the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Oh yeah…and you’ll get to attend a private concert with the X Ambassadors.

As the song says…

“All hail the underdogs

All hail the new kids

All hail the outlaws”

Renegades Unite!


Learn more and sign-up for Extreme Connect here!

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