Confessions of an Enterprise Data Center Professional: “I Embrace the Cloud”

Tim Harrison Director, Office of the CTO Published 22 Apr 2021

Now that the enterprise has become decentralized, it’s critical to view each user as a branch of one. Every user needs to have an enterprise-grade branch experience while in their home office and, hopefully soon, out at a coffee shop or in a park. The user experience will become even more vital, and the enterprise data center will need to enable that experience. Those who haven’t adapted to the new normal will struggle even more as they fall behind the curve.

For a deeper discussion on this topic, take a moment to peruse Michael Cooney’s recent article in NETWORKWORLD magazine: Top Enterprise Data Center Trends You Need to Know

This NETWORKWORLD article gives a great perspective on what challenges businesses are facing with data center network infrastructure. Although this discussion merely scratches the surface of what customers face in the data center today; however, there are some great points from a cross-section of the industry professionals. I am proud to have been a part of the conversation.

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