Challenges in Today’s Hospitality Industry

Mason Mallory Content Marketing Intern Published 13 Dec 2022

In an industry where customer satisfaction is the most important aspect, equipping your infrastructure with the right tools becomes paramount. Over the years, especially since the pandemic, hospitality businesses continue to struggle with similar problems. Whether it is a hotel, casino, sports venue, or a theme park, they all share the same pain points that continue to have negative impacts in the industry.

Challenges within the Hospitality Industry

Staffing Shortage

Across the hospitality industry, there are 83% more job vacancies being advertised than before. This is a clear indicator that the global staffing shortage has also impacted the way this industry is running. Specifically, a shortage in IT staff impedes your organization’s ability to advance their tech, ensure a secure network, and manage the network which ultimately does not meet guest expectations. The clear priority within the industry is providing the best guest experience possible. However, with a small IT staff, the advancements and necessary improvements are going to be challenging to implement.

Security and Management

Having hundreds of guests on your network can be difficult to manage. And today’s guests are expecting that they can connect to a network that is secure and safe from potential threats. Due to the shortage of staff managing the network, it has become increasingly difficult to detect and stop threats. This industry’s unspoken rule is ensuring the guest has the optimal experience and protecting customers’ identity and data is critical to doing so.

Increase in Hospitality Technology for Guest

With guest expectations continuously changing, businesses are looking to incorporate new technology that can personalize their experience. Some of these additions may include Google Home, Netflix, or Alexa which can all enhance and personalize a guest visit. However, the most vital aspect of a guest experience is Wi-Fi connectivity. That is where Extreme Networks can help you build a secure, reliable connection for your guest.

Take Control with Extreme

Small and Simple with Extreme Network

Getting more IT staff to help your infrastructure digitally advance can be hard. But what if a small team could handle the network with ease? ExtremeApplciations offer a simple network management solutions with robust security to ensure guest data is secure, helping you advance your business and IT goals in network management, visibility, and security. ExtremeCloud IQ is the solution for you to extend your cloud management to all devices and all deployments making it simple for your small IT staff.

Seamless Connectivity

As you make these improvements to your technology to enhance your guests’ stay, you must have a reliable connection to the network to ensure that you can adapt and change easily. ExtremeWireless solutions are highly scalable, secure, and have reliable connectivity to suit not only your guest’s needs but yours as well. Ultimately delivering the best guest experience and a connection to help you advance your infrastructure.

Extreme Networks is here to help you overcome these challenges. It’s your network your way. Enhance your guest experience by taking the first step by getting the network you need for your business.

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