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Build Loyalty, Drive Sales, Engage Your Customers – NRF 2019

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 10 Jan 2019

Every brick & mortar retailer wants to engage their customers in a meaningful way – delivering memorable experiences to ultimately create trust, improve loyalty, and drive sales. 

In today’s digital economy, to truly accomplish their customer-centric goals, retailers must leverage strategic networking technologies.

Join Extreme Networks at this year’s NRF, booth #649 in the Expo Hall, to learn how we work with retail businesses to achieve their customer goals, like:

  • Delivering fast and secure Wi-Fi for patrons
  • Offering valuable, mobile-centric services and support
  • Engaging shoppers with targeted, contextual outreaches 
  • Creating a personalized onsite or in-store experience

We are also thrilled to offer an interactive demo of our latest location-based analytics and customer engagement engine. Watch our quick ExtremeLocation use case video below, which describes the real-life scenario on how the technology can be leveraged in a retail environment. 


The scalability, adaptability, and functionality of ExtremeLocation means it can help transform any number of retail businesses and their environments, whatever the challenges or goals.

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We believe networking solutions empower retailers to enhance their day-to-day operations and help embrace digital transformation, for everything from in-house assets, staff, and devices to the customers that visit your location.

Don’t forget to stop by Extreme’s booth Sunday, to meet New York Giant’s running back Saquon Barkley. Details below!  

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