Bring Resilience and Self-Healing To Your Network with the Automated Campus

Lisa Yeaton Specialist, Content Marketing Published 5 Feb 2019

Abby Strong Introduces the Latest Powerful Automated Campus Enhancements

Reduce complexity and increase your network’s simplicity, security, and intelligence

Most enterprise networks are complex to operate and manage. This is because they’ve generally been built over time – node by node, application by application, with protocol layered on top of protocol. Although that’s been the traditional way, a fabric approach radically changes this. Extreme Networks is excited to introduce the newest iteration of the Automated Campus fabric solution. It takes the complexity out of networking and now combines Extreme Fabric Connect with Extreme Management Center. Extreme Networks Vice President of Product Marketing Abby Strong highlights the updates in this video:


Removing Network Complexity

As Abby states in her update, Fabric Connect is the only networking technology in the industry that streamlines the network and enables all network services to be delivered with just a single network protocol – rather than complex overlays. It makes networking simple, secure, and smart! This unified fabric design spans the wired and wireless network with consistent policy, analytics, and management capabilities of Extreme Management Center and provides security through network segmentation that is unmatched by Cisco and HPE Aruba. With policy and analytics and location data merged into one platform, Extreme provides a complete 360-degree view of the network, users, devices, and applications – with context!

The Automated Campus now includes next-generation switches, so customers can increase the scale and performance of their solution. This includes the VSP 7400, which flexibly supports data rates from 10 to 100G, all in a single model. At the edge, we have added the new x465 switches that support multi-rate, advanced PoE, and MACsec. Both new models offer analytics and troubleshooting tools that can be deployed alongside the switches’ operating system.

Continued Focus on Simplifying Network Operations

Whether or not your business is educating future generations, delivering personalized guest or retail experiences, providing power to thousands of homes or delivering mission and life critical services, your network can be made simpler. The Extreme Automated Campus helps you take it to the next level.

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With the Extreme Automated Campus, you can:

  • Reduce network complexity
  • Simplify network expansion
  • Enhance security with policy-based hyper-segmentation
  • Automate processes and decrease costs and resources
  • Turn up services quicker with Fabric Connect
  • Manage the network efficiently through a single pane of glass

Learn more about the Automated Campus solution and its recent enhancements by reading our follow-up post, Take Your Network to the Next-Level with These 10 Automated Campus Enhancements.

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