Three Ways Extreme Networks Brings Businesses Unmatched Economic and Operational Savings

Lisa Yeaton Specialist, Content Marketing Published 26 Mar 2018

Raking in ROI: Showing the Tech Community the Value of the New Extreme Solution

If you caught our recent blog, The Unprecedented Value of Extreme Networks: A Primer on Our New Report, or you’ve been following us on social media, then you know that we’ve released a new report, Quantifying the Value of the New Extreme Networks Solution (an ESG Economic Value Validation report), to show the IT community how deploying Extreme Networks can generate ROI and slash costs significantly, particularly in comparison with other network vendors.

When we embarked on a journey to release the new Extreme Networks solution, our goal was to make the resources of our organization as a whole part of the package. You should have access to a comprehensive network solution that goes beyond solving your immediate technology problems and extends into cost savings and economic benefit opportunities, period. This is why we engaged ESG to execute their Economic Value Audit process—to show you how you can realize unparalleled savings through Extreme.

Spoiler alert: ESG found that Extreme’s customers have enjoyed significant economic and operational savings when compared with alternative solutions that are provided by one or more network vendors. These benefits fall into three categories, which we’ll get into next.

“The Extreme solution was able to provide greater coverage and performance with far fewer access points because they invested resources to solve the problem differently than the other vendors – and they came in at half the cost of the highest bidder.” – Extreme Networks Customer

Three Ways Extreme Networks Brings Businesses Unmatched Economic and Operational Savings           

1. Traditional network infrastructure savings:
  • Solution costs from Extreme Networks are around 10% lower than other vendors’ offerings that they considered.
  • Purchasing from Extreme Networks simplifies many aspects of planning, purchasing, deploying, and maintaining a network, thanks to core-to-edge networking solutions and supported integration with other vendors’ products.
  • Experiences with other networking vendors require replacing existing network layers to ensure interoperability, which can feel like working with “multiple vendors” when purchasing solutions. When, in fact, the vendors are different business units of the same organization. This is not the case with Extreme.
2. Operational and administrative savings:
  • Extreme Networks greatly simplifies network operations through automation, orchestration, and unified centralized management. The EOS operating system that ties together Extreme’s wired and wireless solutions, along with the end-to-end visibility offered by its management system, greatly reduce the amount of time and effort that organizations spend deploying, scaling, configuring, managing, monitoring, and tuning their networks and applications.
  • Networks require far fewer resources to manage and operate. Consequently, end-users say that they have enjoyed a higher quality experience since deploying Extreme Networks technology. For new deployments, customers can hire fewer network administrators to manage the infrastructure, so existing network administrators can spend more time on proactive projects that contribute to business value.
  • Extreme Networks lowers operational expenses via other company resources and solution features. We provide APIs that allow customers to seamlessly interact with third-party tools and extract greater insight from firewalls, security, and analytics software. Plus, change management is much easier by allowing admins to compare device profiles side by side while highlighting the differences and helping to identify potential configuration issues. Given these operational advantages, it was no surprise to learn that some Extreme deployments have as few as two administrators managing up to 80 sites.
3. Improved support and problem resolution:
  • 94% of support calls are resolved by the same network specialist who answered the call.
  • Extreme Networks has built a world-class support team dedicated to solving customers’ needs that customers can rely on. Most support personnel have worked for Extreme for an average of eight years.
  • An individual support engineer assumes immediate ownership problems as they arrive, and remains resolute in solving it quickly, minimizing the number of call redirects.
  • Extreme also co-locates support with engineering, allowing for close collaboration for resolution of more intricate problems. Support can work with engineering easily to replicate customer environments when issues arise.

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Eliminating the Concept of “Rip and Replace” by Foregoing Typical Network Vendor Limitations

Based on ESG’s analysis, it was demonstrated that Extreme’s ability to integrate with and provide visibility into wired and wireless technologies from other vendors can also deliver significant economic savings. Inconveniently, other vendors typically don’t suggest or support deploying their technologies with solutions from competitors. Instead, they require customers to replace existing gear to function with new hardware or software capabilities. For many organizations that don’t have the budget to completely update the entire infrastructure at once, this becomes an important factor in the purchasing decision.

Measuring Success Around-the-Clock

At Extreme, we’ve also made a strong commitment to delivering world-class support and services, as was reflected by ESG’s customer interviews.

Here’s how we approach success metrics: Extreme continuously tracks effectiveness in solving your problems quickly, and we measure the level of support you receive, too. Open issues and metrics are displayed in real time in the center of Extreme’s headquarters for all to see. If you open a case, we’ll survey you afterward, as well as periodically after it’s closed to ensure you remain satisfied. The ESG survey responses are overwhelmingly positive, affirming that customers view their relationship as a true partnership with Extreme.

Networking technology aside, you deserve the opportunity to do business with partners that are experts at what they do, have your best interests in mind, and aren’t simply looking to increase the quantity of sold goods or product margins. At Extreme, we believe in long-term value, but we also know value isn’t always apparent by simply comparing price tags. This is why ESG validated through customer interviews and product demonstrations that an Extreme Networks solution can provide significant savings to your organization, and we’ve got the numbers to back it up. Want more detail on just how much savings Extreme can bring? Read the report: Quantifying the Value of the New Extreme Networks Solution.

Interested in finding out about the ROI and overall cost savings that await you? Have questions about solving the networking challenges you’re experiencing? Let’s connect. Talk to an Extreme Networks expert now, or call us at 1.888.257.3000. 

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