Automation, Security, and Defense in Depth

Kevin DeTerra Systems Engineer Published 5 Feb 2020

Automation for growth

Today automation is the cornerstone of almost every industry. Automation enables your business to focus on the things that make it better while providing more robust and insightful service to your customers around the clock and every day of the week. In recent years we’ve seen many cases where digitally transforming businesses using automation reaped explosive growth. Today it is possible in less than 10 years to exceed the market capitalizations of old-school brick and mortar companies that have been in business for about 100 years. This is quite a claim, even if the number is off a bit it’s still hard to argue that it is not incredibly impressive growth.

Automating Security

Security is paramount for businesses for a multitude of reasons; to secure personal and financial information, protect company secrets, comply with state and federal laws and standards, limit liability, etc… Criminals are clever, focused and intent at exploiting anything they can to gain access to information.

Defense in Depth and Continuous Monitoring

A defense in depth strategy is needed in order to ensure that networks are secure. Research tells us that when criminals gain access to our networks the longer they stay the more damage they can do. It is of the utmost importance to decrease the ‘loiter time’. A defense in depth strategy is to use automation to continuously monitor the network for unexpected changes in the configurations.

XMC can help both with automation and continuous monitoring of the network. XMC supports a workflow capability enabling the rapid construction of workflows that are fashioned like a flowchart. Workflows enable the configuration of routers and switches by entering commands via the command line or by scripting via Python or TCL. Constructing new workflows is an easy process; drag and drop the desired connections and activities and fill out the associated form to construct the workflow block by block. 

XMC’s Governance engine can automatically evaluate your network compliance by periodically analyzing the network configurations, score the results and graph compliance over time to ensure that changes in your network security do not go unnoticed.

Tests can be customized and written in Python to ensure that you can keep up with emerging threats. For additional information visit the Extreme Management Center Solution Page.


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