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As November Rolls In, So Does Extreme NOW!

Lisa Yeaton Specialist, Content Marketing Published 30 Oct 2017

Are you registered an upcoming  Extreme NOW event near you? The Extreme NOW World Tour kicks off November 1 in Waltham, Massachusetts and events are rolling into over 50 cities in 30 different countries during the next 5 months. Spots are filling up fast, so reserve yours now!

Over the next 30 days, we have 23 events scheduled in 13 countries. Registrants will be pleased to know that we’ve designed presentations around our plans, goals, and product roadmaps as they relate to our recent acquisitions in addition to a highly anticipated Q&A session with Extreme executives like President and CEO Ed Meyercord and Chief Marketing, Development, and Product Operations Officer Norman Rice. As an added bonus, our Lightning Talks will educate you on our solutions for each “Place in the Network”!

By joining us for just a few hours, we’ll set you up with an enterprise networking roadmap that will take your organization far into the future. Reserve your spot quickly so you can discover the Extreme difference and see how passionate we are about our customers, and how we are committed to bringing you the best solutions to exceed your network needs!

November Extreme NOW events include:

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  • 11/1 Waltham, Massachusetts
  • 11/2 Louisville, Kentucky
  • 11/13 Beijing, China
  • 11/15 Nuremberg, Germany
  • 11/15 Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 11/15 Sydney, Australia
  • 11/15 Seoul, South Korea
  • 11/16 Melbourne, Australia
  • 11/16 Tokyo, Japan
  • 11/17 Hong Kong, China
  • 11/17 Singapore
  • 11/21 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 11/22 Essen, Germany
  • 11/23 Lyon, France
  • 11/23 Stuttgart, Germany
  • 11/23 Oslo, Norway
  • 11/28 Leipzig, Germany
  • 11/28 Istanbul, Turkey
  • 11/28 San Jose, California
  • 11/29 Berlin, Germany
  • 11/30 Rennes, France
  • 11/30 Munich, Germany
  • 11/30 Stockholm, Sweden

Sign-up here to register for one of the November events near you, or view the complete list of events taking place between now and April 2018! 

2018 Update!

We’re back on tour! Join us for Extreme NOW World Tour 2.0 kicking off in San Jose on November 29th – click here to register or to see when we’re headed to a city near you!

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