Are You The Spark That Ignites Innovation In Your Organization?

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 25 Jan 2016

Innovation can drive the success of an enterprise. Today, in the midst of digital transformation, the individual or organization that scouts, mentors, and infuses new ideas and technologies into the enterprise is indispensable. At some organizations, the role of the technology scout is informal. In others, it is the assigned responsibility of a designated technology gatekeeper.

As the rate of technological innovation accelerates, the education industry is a primary beneficiary of the advancements. The progress not only enhances the personalization of learning, but it fosters a growing creativity among students. New, emerging concepts expose students to innovation that inspires their curiosity and triggers their imagination. Stimulating creativity is one of the most important goals for schools as they prepare students for a world where robots and AI are increasingly eliminating the more routine, less creative jobs. We are learning just how aggressively school IT departments can be in evaluating new technologies as results of our Smart School survey continue to flow in.

Do you feel it is important for your school or university to keep up with the latest, bleeding-edge (just ahead of leading-edge) technology? If so, how do you stay informed?

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According to PwC, 80% of CEOs believe innovation drives efficiency and leads to competitive advantage. Virtual reality, augmented reality, Google Cardboard, beacons, and more are transforming education. Do you rely on Gartner or send a delegate to the annual Consumer Electronics Show to learn about the latest tech? Does your organization have a techno-intrepreneur?

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