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Aerohive (Extreme) Customers… Join us at Extreme Connect 2020!

David Coleman Director, Wireless Networking at the Office of the CTO Published 4 Dec 2019

Whenever I write a blog, I usually do not have a target audience in mind.  I have been writing technical books and blogs for over 17 years with the hope that anyone interested in the topic will learn something new. This blog, however, is a little different because I am writing for a specific audience: former Aerohive customers who are now customers of Extreme Networks.

I want to personally invite you to Extreme Connect, the Extreme Networks global user conferences.

My Journey to Extreme

Ten plus years ago, I joined Aerohive Networks because they had disruptive technology.  Aerohive offered a distributed WLAN architecture that was ground-breaking. That disruptive technology laid the foundation for a small startup networking company to grow into a global enterprise networking company.

During those ten years, a new disruptive technology emerged….  the cloud. People always asked me why I stayed at Aerohive so long, and the answer remains the same, I believed in the technology and the people. I must admit, there were some ups and downs, but at the end-of-the-day, what emerged was a third-generation cloud management platform called HiveManager now known as ExtremeCloud IQ.

In the past two years, the cloud has provided a speed of innovation that I have never seen in my entire career. Every second, customers send over 1 Terabyte of data to ExtremeCloud IQ that is then processed using machine learning to provide practical insights such as Network 360 and Client 360 into customer network data and operations.

As a result of the August 2019 acquisition, Aerohive joined the Extreme Networks family. As to be expected, many Aerohive customers have asked questions such as “Will the technology and innovation die?”  The answer is no. The cloud-speed innovation is going to turn-up another three notches.  

Another question I get asked a lot lately is, “Why did you stay at Extreme Networks after the acquisition?” And the answer is the same as why I stayed at Aerohive, the technology, and the people.

Why Am I So Excited About a User Conference?

Over the years, I have gotten to know thousands of Aerohive customers worldwide through training sessions and marketing events.  I want all former Aerohive customers to know that I am excited to be a part of Extreme because we will take cloud technology to new heights.

ExtremeCloud IQ is already evolving into the first end-to-end enterprise cloud management application from the access layer to the data center. I am thrilled about where the product roadmap is aggressively headed around ExtremeCloud IQ. On top of that, I am jazzed for former Aerohive customers to be exposed to the bulk of the Extreme solution portfolio via ExtremeCloud IQ.

Aerohive was a customer-friendly company, but we never had a yearly event where all our customers could gather to learn, consult, and collaborate.

I am also happy to announce that, for the first time, Aerohive customers can now gather together at the Extreme Connect user conferences. First comes Extreme Connect Americas – in  Nashville, TN, June 1 – 4, followed by Extreme Connect Europe – in Berlin, Germany, September 14 – 17.

The cloud-driven networking journey of machine learning and artificial intelligence has just begun, the Extreme Connect user conferences are your opportunity to participate in the adventure.

Join Us in Nashville or Berlin!

At the Extreme Connect user conferences, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about all the innovative technologies that you might not be familiar with, such as Fabric Connect, Defender for IoT, AirDefense, and so much more. At the events, there will be dozens of technical breakout sessions as well as certification training classes.

You will even have the opportunity to sneak a peek into the vision and product roadmap and interact with key executives and Extreme employees. Even more importantly, you will have time to compare ideas, thoughts, and experiences with other fellow legacy Extreme and Aerohive customers.

As a long-time trainer, I have learned something new every week from our customers, so please view the Extreme Connect user conferences as an opportunity to learn from each other.

As Aerohive customers, you have helped shaped ExtremeCloud IQ into the best-of-breed cloud networking platform that exists today. As we move into the cloud-driven networking world of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Extreme Connect user conference is your opportunity to continue to participate in that journey.  We need your assistance and feedback as we take ExtremeCloud IQ to the next generation.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

I want to invite all our Aerohive customers to make a small investment in your time to attend Extreme Connect Americas 2020 in Nashville, TN, June 1- 4 or Extreme Connect Europe 2020 in Berlin, Germany, September 14 – 17. The return on investment of knowledge will be well worth your time.


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