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Adapting To Change

Bill Lundgren Director, Product Management for Cloud Operations and Architecture Published 26 Apr 2021

The best part about having a cloud product that is multi-cloud capable, platform agnostic, and geographically diverse, is we can adapt to changing geo-political situations very easily. 

When GDPR was created, ExtremeCloud IQ adapted pretty easily as we already had the concepts of data sovereignty built right in. 

With the recent developments in the UK with Brexit, concerns in Great Britain over data sovereignty and data privacy became more paramount, as GDPR is an EU legislation, and the UK is no longer part of the EU.  To our competitors in this space that might have been an issue, but to us, it’s just another day at the office.

We’re pleased to announce that by the end of April, ExtremeCloud IQ will be operating with a new Regional Data Center in the UK.  Based in Microsoft Azure in London, the RDC will feature all of the same ISO protections as any other Cloud IQ presence, along with 90 days of data retention.

Further, we will also be implementing a new Asia presence as well!  Please join me in welcoming our new regional data center in Singapore also due to be operational at the end of April.

Two new data centers in one month, all ISO certified, and all brought to you through the architecture that is ExtremeCloud IQ.

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