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650 Group Confirms Extreme is a Cloud Networking Leader

Joanne Lennon Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 28 Jun 2021

It’s no surprise about the critical role that cloud networking services played over the last 18 months. A recent report by market research firm 650 Group sheds more insight into the numbers and the network vendors who are leading the way.

Key insights include:

Cloud managed services is the fastest-growing segment in networking

  • 38% Y/Y revenue growth in Cloud-Managed WLAN (vs 25% Y/Y in WLAN overall)

Extreme holds the #2 market share position

  • 11% in worldwide revenue share – larger than HPE and Juniper/Mist combined

Extreme experienced 101% Y/Y growth

  • Outpacing Cisco/Meraki growth close to tenfold in the fastest growing category

Why Cloud?

An important network lesson from the COVID pandemic was the value and relevance of cloud. While previously such a pandemic would have crippled businesses, thanks to the availability of enterprise services in the cloud, millions of users were able to seamlessly transition to working from home. Enterprises were able to adapt business models quickly and easily. The pandemic demonstrated that cloud is not just valuable, but it is inevitable and the network of the future.

As the 650 Group market report highlights, cloud growth is not slowing down. They expect cloud-managed services to continue to see strong growth, driven by the introduction of innovations such as AI and analytics, and the distributed workforces of the post-pandemic era. Our concept of Infinite Enterprise, where organizations extend anywhere and everywhere, will require refreshed network infrastructures and flexible cloud services. 650 Group anticipates a “surge in WLAN spending in verticals like finance, carpeted Enterprise, high-tech, and education”, in part to accommodate increased video conferencing.

Why Extreme?

A key factor contributing to our #2 market-share position and strong year-over-year growth is the flexibility of our cloud networking solution. It’s what we refer to as ‘Cloud on your terms’.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to adopting cloud; what is right for a Fortune 500 company will be different than that for a small business; what is right for a retailer will be different than that for a school.

From healthcare to education to MLB ballparks to convention centers, enterprises increasingly turned to Extreme cloud solution in the last year due to its flexibility. Extreme provides the most choice for enterprises that are migrating to the cloud. Our cloud platform and universal wired and wireless portfolio give customers complete deployment choice, cloud vendor choice, data duration choice and SaaS tiering choice.

Regardless of where a business is starting from, their location, requirements or timing, we provide the best path to cloud, delivering industry-first innovation and choice:

Ready to start your cloud journey?

The ability for enterprises to adapt to change will continue to underpin their success and survival. Enterprises must adapt and so too should their cloud solution. As the recent 650 Group report clearly illustrates, cloud-managed services is the future and Extreme is leading the way.

To learn more about how Extreme can help you on your cloud journey, check out the resources below:

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