5 ‘Can’t Miss’ Extreme Connect Sessions

Kendra Luciano Managing Editor, Content Marketing Published 17 May 2021

Extreme Connect always has so much to offer, from the opportunity to interact with peers to a sneak peek at our upcoming product roadmap. Not to mention the countless breakout sessions led by industry experts. I say, countless, because there really are so many to choose from. Whether you’re looking to improve business efficiency with data analytics or get a better grasp on what 5G means for your organization, we’ve got a session for you. With 30+ sessions to choose from I know it can be overwhelming. So, here are five sessions that you really don’t want to miss.

  1. Finally – You Can Have Cloud Your Way!

When it comes to managing and securing network infrastructure, up until now you only had two choices: traditional premises-based software or native public cloud solutions. Extreme is forging new ground with the ultimate hybrid cloud solution that provides you unmatched flexibility and choice. Join Dan Dulac as he explores the pros and cons of your infrastructure management options and provides insights that will prepare your organization for the infinite enterprise.

Presenter: Dan Dulac is the Vice President of Solutions Strategy at Extreme Networks. His passion is exploring, designing, and presenting solution strategies addressing today’s challenges while preparing for the needs of tomorrow.

  1. The Power Of Network Data And What It Can Do For Your Organization

Everywhere you turn is data this, data that, data, data, data, but what is real value data can provide to you? Join Wes Durow and Jeevan Patil, for a use case discussion on the powerful business insights derived from how people, devices, and applications interact with your network. This user-centered session will include considerations on data security requirements as well as how to leverage advanced capabilities like Explainable AI/ML to offer an Effortless Experience.

Presenters: Jeevan Patil and Wes Durow. In his 20+ years of experience, Jeevan Patil, Extreme Senior Director of Product Management, has valuable insights on where to derive data and how to make it work for you and your organization. He will be joined by CMO, Wes Durow to facilitate a conversation about how Extreme customers have used wired and wireless data insights.

  1. Co-Pilot: 99.9% False Alarm Free Explainable ML/AI

“A Copilot assists the Pilot in every aspect of operating an aircraft – including radio communications, navigation, completing critical operational checklists, and most importantly acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears that can “Alert”” the Pilot to deviations from best practices or anomalies detected during the operation of the aircraft. Every commercial airliner has both a Pilot and CoPilot and so should every Enterprise Network. Extreme CoPilot has been developed to enable you to inspect and verify the Data behind every CoPilot Alarm generated.  Jeevan Patil and Marko Tisler will take a deep dive in how CoPilot was developed and the value it will serve you.

Presenter: Marko Tisler is a Director of Product Management – ML/AI at Extreme Networks and looks after development and adoption of Extreme’s ML/AI solutions. He has been involved with networking and communications throughout his career and has worn multiple hats as a consultant, technical trainer, marketeer and solutions architect, designing and deploying wireless networks across a variety of industries – from schools, hospitals to heavy industries and manufacturing. Outside work you may find him riding bicycle, playing guitar and enjoying time with his family.

  1. How Extreme delivers Data Privacy, Sovereignty & Protection

In today’s cloud data-driven world, data privacy and protection are paramount. With that, using cloud services comes with increased scrutiny and legal requirements. So, how can you easily move your network management to the cloud and do so with confidence? Extreme’s newly ISO-certified ExtremeCloud IQ may be the answer. During this session we will review:

    • How ISO and other data privacy standards impact you
    • Assuring your cloud data is managed, controlled, deleted, and maintained
    • A look into the ExtremeCloud IQ’s architecture for data privacy
    • Why it matters and why you should care”

Presenter: Bill Lundgren is the Director of Product Management for Cloud Operation and Architecture, he works alongside the cloud operations team designing and enhancing ExtremeCloud IQ and the external-facing API’s.

  1. The 5G Future for Enterprise Wireless

5G is a hype machine. With marketing comes a motive, and the byproduct is spin and confusion. Our goal in this session is to provide an accessible introduction to 5G without all the noise. We’ll cover 5G’s real world usage scenarios, spectrum concepts, high-level architectures, timelines, and a host of practical tips as we compare Wi-Fi with cellular (4G and 5G) and other wireless options for enterprise connectivity.

Presenter: Marcus Burton is a Wi-Fi and networking veteran, his expertise a wide range of network functions allows him to simplify even the most complex topic for the most novice network enthusiast.

This is just a sampling of the jam-packed schedule we have coming your way on May 26th. For more details on all sessions and to register now, please visit the Extreme Connect website.

Hear from your peers during Extreme Connect too! Leading IT professionals will be guest speaking during the keynotes and breakouts. They include:

  • Martin Peuker, CIO of Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Bruce Gillham, Superintendent, Shady Point Schools
  • Jon Allen, CIO and CISO, Baylor University
  • Brian Shield, VP of IT, Boston Red Sox
  • Seth Lane, Senior Director of Network Infrastructure, MLB
  • Rob Hale, Director of Infrastructure, Novant Health
  • Robert Klopotoski, Director of Infrastructure Services, Endicott College
  • Luis Quispe, Senior Network Engineer, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dominic Tong, Exec Director Technology Infrastructure, Aldine ISD
  • Dustin Hardin, CTO, Humble ISD
  • Fidel Chavez, Technology Services Manager, Kern County
  • Phillip Priewe, Director of IT, Nevada Department of Transportation
  • David Henke, CIO, City of Milwaukee
  • Terrel Hobbs, Enterprise Network Architect, Government of Northwest Territories
  • Mike Mathews, VP of Innovation and CIO, Oral Roberts University

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