May 22, 2014

Extreme Invests In Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Graduation has come and gone, and it’s the end of the world as we know it. Or at least that’s what my fellow classmates at UMass Lowell told me as they approached graduation apprehensively, nervous for what life after college has in store for them. As they reluctantly apply to jobs, unsure of the career path they want to take, I feel fortunate that I do not have these same sentiments.

With graduation under my belt, I am confident and ready to enter the workforce. I have a clear picture of where I’m heading, and I largely attribute it to the opportunity I was afforded at Extreme Networks. When I began my co-op with Extreme, I was hesitant. Hung-up on the fact that I didn’t have any experience, I was nervous to throw myself into the working world, but I came to realize this was my chance. Not only would a co-op at Extreme allow me to gain exposure in a fiercely competitive workforce, it would also give me hands on experience doing something I was passionate about – web design. Little did I know, I would be transitioning into a full-time position a mere 18 months later.

I’m grateful that I put my hesitations aside and accepted the offer to partake in the co-op program. My experience at Extreme has been invaluable – I’ve learned more during my short time here than I did during what felt like a very long time spent in the classroom.

Web design is not something that can be easily taught – it requires trial and error, collaboration, and hands-on experience. On top of allowing me the opportunity to do just that, my co-op at Extreme enabled me to work under the guidance of experienced developers.

While many companies have recognized the benefits of today’s youth and are providing students the opportunity to gain hands on experience through co-op programs, there are two things that make Extreme’s program unique. Firstly, several members of the leadership team, including CMO Vala Afshar, partook in the very same program. More than 40 UMass Lowell graduates are employed at Extreme – there’s something to be said about executives investing in the same programs that helped pave the way for their own careers and success. Additionally, what makes Extreme stand out is that the program offers co-ops in every industry. Whether your passion is web design, IT, finance or marketing, there’s an opportunity for you at Extreme.

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