November 05, 2013

Hacking the Future at the Gigabit Explorer Challenge


Extreme Networks powered the lab network.

If you had a full Gigabit of bandwidth at your disposal what could you do with it?

In Kansas City this past Saturday, Rob Karnbach, Extreme Networks SE Director plugged in Extreme Networks switches to a  Google Fiber downlink to power the network for the Gigabit Explorer Challenge. Using this infrastructure, developers prototyped their ideas, pushing the envelope of networking yet another notch. What we got were innovations enabling better training, more effective healthcare, affordable education and enhanced public safety.

How would a Gig enable that?

Room full of developers smashing out code in the hackathon.

Imagine checking-out expensive software from a Software Lending Library when you need it, for how long you need it and for a fraction of the cost. The Network connecting your dumb terminal to the Library will define the user-experience when you go from this software “own” to “rent” model.

Imagine better access to situational information delivered via high-definition video streams for real-time disaster recovery planning. Imagine as a first responder seeing the video on your Google Glass (not while driving, of course!) as you are helping pull people out of the disaster zone. It’s the Network that will deliver the HD video from the camera to the Google Glass for first responders to save more lives during disasters.

Imagine incorporating positive psychology for an enriched lifestyle by enabling social fitness via high fidelity video and real-time biometric data exchange & analytics. Low latency, highly programmable (SDN) Networks will be a key in this real-time social exchange of video & biometric fitness data between peers with analytics running in the cloud.

What does it take? Highly programmable, low-latency Extreme Network Switches fed by Google Fiber, a weekend of coding and a lot of Redbull.

Powered by Gigabit Ethernet and Redbull!

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