May 01, 2013

Extreme Networks Demonstrates Superior Results in Newest Lippis Network Cloud Test

Extreme Networks Open Fabric data center switching portfolio was tested and turned in remarkable results following the latest round of Lippis Report’s evaluation of data center Ethernet switches and “Active-Active” cloud fabric technology.

Test participants included Extreme Networks, Arista, Brocade and Avaya.  Extreme’s Open Fabric switches performed with the best overall latency of core modular and edge Top of Rack (ToR) swtiches and demonstrated resiliency with fast recovery times in three simulated failure scenarios — server link, T-o-R uplink and core. This is key to network operators seeking technology for cloud, disaster recovery and Internet exchange point designs that underpin data centers and converged storage systems with five nines reliability and impressive fault tolerance.

“Extreme Networks, having tested its data center solutions over the past two years, remains stubbornly consistent in delivering superior test results, be it capacity, latency, and now active active fabric configuration,” said Nick Lippis, Lippis Reports.  “The 2013 results set a high standard for performance and reliability.”   Test Highlights include:

  • Extreme Networks Open Fabric demonstrated superior end-to-end latency of only 2.23 microseconds for server-to-server communications across two ToR switches and a core switch.
  • Extreme Networks was the only vendor that demonstrated a simulated core switch failure, by shutting off power, allowing traffic to fail over entirely to the adjacent core switch nearly instantaneously with minimal packet loss.

View Lippis Video Podcast here   and  Download the full report here

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