Extreme Data Center Fabrics

Agile Network Underlays

Extreme IP Fabrics and VCS Fabrics provide optimal data center network underlays for organizations undergoing digital transformation. Agile, automated and easy to scale up or out, Extreme data center fabrics can adapt quickly to changes in traffic flows, packet sizes, and protocols while enabling the virtual constructs of server virtualization, network virtualization, and SDN.

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Architectural Flexibility

Extreme VCS Fabric gives you seamless scalability for Layer 2 data center deployments. Turnkey automation and plug-and-play scalability enables transitioning to a cloud model on your own time and terms, with full investment protection and without the steep cost and learning curve of developing script-based solutions.

Extreme VCS Fabric

Extreme IP Fabric is an open, automated, programmable solution optimized for Layer 3 data center deployments. Based on a cloud-proven, BGP-based design, it easily integrates with popular data center ecosystem tools, leveraging current investments for a seamless evolution to the cloud.

Extreme IP Fabric

Data Center Mobility and Security

Network Virtualization enables workload mobility, security, and segmentation within and across data centers. Extreme data center fabrics support controller-based network virtualization architectures such as VMware NSX, and BGP-EVPN Network Virtualization controller-less architecture.

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BGP-EVPN Virtualization | NSX Virtualization

Turnkey and Programmable Automation

Extreme VCS Fabric and IP Fabric dramatically reduce deployment times and the potential for human error through automation across the entire network lifecycle—from initial provisioning, configuration, and validation to troubleshooting and remediation with event-driven automation. That automation is delivered through Extreme Workflow Composer—a cross-domain automation platform that easily integrates with existing IT ecosystem tools. Turnkey and customizable Automation Suites leveraging Workflow composer are also available to jumpstart automation initiatives and deliver shortened time-to-value.

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Data Center Fabric Building Blocks

Extreme data center SLX and VDX switches leverage event-driven automation and pervasive visibility to deliver the utmost in intelligent automation. Supporting flexible IP fabrics and VCS fabrics, they deliver scalability that evolves with the demands of today’s virtualized and cloud multi-vendor environments.

SLX Series | VDX Series

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