Extreme Campus Fabric

Simple, Agile, and Secure

Extreme Networks Fabric Connect redefines networking to match the needs of organizations operating in the digital age. Leveraging simplicity to create agility, this empowers rapid and seamless service delivery. A future-proofed foundation for today’s megatrends of virtualization, cloud, mobility, and video, Fabric Connect reduces costs, accelerates time-to-service, and improves business continuity.

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Eliminate Complexity

Using Fabric Connect, organizations can now build a robust, reliable, scalable, and virtualized architecture. Eliminating complex protocol overlays allows faster recovery times, easier management, and simplified troubleshooting. Fabric Connect supports Layer 2, Layer 3, IP Routing, and IP Multicast services with a single, integrated and intelligent next-generation technology.

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Be More Agile

Fabric Connect creates a dynamic environment where service provisioning – moves, adds, or changes – can be implemented on-the-fly, taking only minutes instead of days, weeks, or months. Fabric Connect’s Edge-only provisioning model reduces IT operating expenses and once implemented, the Core of the network never needs to be configured.

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Strengthen Security & Improve Uptime

Fabric Connect delivers a networking construct that is self-contained with strictly controlled access and external reachability, with little or no observable attack profile. Additionally, Fabric Connect enables absolute topology flexibility and delivers outstanding end-to-end uptime, automatically re-routing around equipment or link failures.

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Campus Fabric Building Blocks

Extreme Networks offers a broad range of next-generation Ethernet Switches and Wireless Access Points products that combine to create powerful Fabric Connect solutions.