Enhancing Education with Esports

Keeping Students Connected with Purpose-Built Networking Solutions

Today 20% of schools have implemented an esports program and another 50% are considering one

Esports is at the confluence of the some of the most important drivers in education. These include student engagement, recruiting, and retention; blending online and offline campus experiences, and preparing students for future careers. As a result, esports has a rapidly growing presence in schools and needs to be integrated into the planning of every school, whether higher education or primary/secondary.

All in all, ensuring a seamless, enhanced, connected experience every day.

The Elements of Success

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Three Part eCampus News Stories

I can see us using it outside of the compliance issues to just to check any of our network configurations on switches across campus. This would help us know what needs to be fixed. Extreme Management does have access to switch tools, but with IGE we can get extra checks during scans and insights like if a port is open”

Scott Day

Director of Network and Physical Security Technology, Baylor University

Technology is important to the future of Kean University and its students, and Extreme is enabling our vision of 21st century learning.”

Dr. Dawood Farahi

President, Kean University

As student athletes, esports participants develop leadership skills, work collaboratively, strategize as a team, work through failures, and develop soft skills of how to negotiate, compromise, communicate with teammates. It’s all about student development”