September 10, 2012

Enterasys Wi-Fi: Changing the New England Patriot Fan Experience Forever

“Are you ready for some football?” will take on a whole new meaning for New England Patriot fans this football season.  Don’t worry, there will still be tailgating and Tom Brady at quarterback, but now there will also be unlimited access to mobile apps and exclusive access to multi-media game content thanks to the new stadium-wide Enterasys Wi-Fi network that has just been put into place – promising to forever change the way fans experience the game.

Sporting venues are forced to compete with the draw of watching the game on HDTV from the comfort of home. Recognizing that fans need to have a great experience during the games, the New England Patriots were looking for a way to improve the game experience and pull fans away from their TV’s and into the stadium.  Reliable and innovative mobile technology is the cornerstone for achieving this objective.

Traditionally, the density issues associated with Wi-Fi have precluded a stadium-wide mobility experience, and typical coverage at large sporting arenas is spotty and only available from suites and other designated areas.  From the office to the ballpark, today’s fans expect to be connected wherever they go, which means the ability to access social networking sites, upload videos and become engaged in the game via their smartphones.

We have provided a complete Wi-Fi solution for Gillette Stadium, allowing the New England Patriots to overcome the many previous issues around wireless density and support for BYOD and allow them to be able to offer their fans an exclusive experience that you just can’t get from the couch.  As the Patriots kick off the new football season, fans across the stadium will not only have access to their applications of choice, but will also be able to participate in exclusive in-game applications, providing instant replays, coach-to-player communication and the on-field conversation between referees during plays.

Enterasys Wi-Fi innovation is centered on delivering a best-in-class user experience for multi-media applications.  We achieve this through our innovative wired and wireless architectures to help customers simplify application delivery and management of their networks. For the Patriots, we were able to solve their unique business and technical issues in a way no other vendor could, resulting in a purpose-built network to provide the density and throughput to support thousands of fans and bandwidth hungry multimedia applications. We are excited to be the official networking provider for the Patriots and look forward to helping them treat the fan to an in-game experience they will never forget.

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