ExtremeCloud for MSPs

Associated Certifications

ECS – ExtremeCloud for MSP

Course Duration

2 Days

Delivery Method

Available as Classroom Instructor-led training, Virtual Instructor-led training and self-paced eLearning

Who should attend

Ideal candidates for the course are Managed Service Provider Tier 1/2 support who have the responsibility of supporting ExtremeCloud for their partners and customers.


Students should possess an understanding of network fundamentals, and generalnetwork management concepts, as well as network security concepts and technologies. In addition, Extreme Networks recommends the following course prior to enrolling in the Management Center course: Campus EXOS Switching and Routing and/or Campus Fabric Switching and Routing or Access Wireless.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  • Discuss ExtremeCloud devices, the communications model, the subscription model and management model
  • Manage Partner and Customer devices and entitlements
  • Describe the use of the Mobile App for Device Registration
  • Explain Device Enablement process including how devices check-in, when they are upgraded and how they update their configuration
  • Deploy an ExtremeCloud AP and Switch including PoE, Link Aggregation and Radios
  • Describe how to provision and validate a wireless Network service
  • Explain the options for managing wireless clients using the Web UI
  • Describe how to configure a Policy on ExtremeCloud including Rates, CoS, Roles, Rules and VLANs
  • Configure Captive Portal to manage wireless Clients using either a splash page and CP with authentication
  • Describe how Device Groups are used with ExtremeCloud
  • Describe how to use the Dashboard to perform Network Analysis
  • Utilize various troubleshooting tools and statistics including logs, Live Capture,Dashboard graphs, Client status and Device status
  • Take the ExtremeCloud for MSP Specialist certification exam


Students will learn to properly configure and manage the ExtremeCloud solution. Using the MSP Web UI students will learn to manage Partner and Customer devices and entitlements. Students will perform real-world tasks using their own devices gaining the necessary hands-on experience to answer questions and identify and isolate problems. They will configure an access point and switch to offer typical Network services including Role based policy and Captive Portal. Students will validate proper operation and use the Dashboard to understand and maintain a proper user experience. Labs are an integral part of the course instruction and are structured to support each topic covered. While completing these labs, students will experience the ease of ExtremeCloud management using the Web User Interface.

Course agenda

Introduction to the ExtremeCloud

  • Extreme Networks devices (Switches and APs) that can be used with ExtremeCloud.
  • Communications model for the devices and cloud
  • System Limits for devices, clients, and rate limiters
  • ExtremeCloud implementation

Device Registering

  • Entitlement requirements
  • Using Mobile App. to add devices
  • Properly entitled devices and their status

MSP Interface

  • Interface for managing Customers and Partners
  • Device assignment to customers and partners, and managing entitlements
  • Contents of the audit logs
  • Configurations impersonating customer/partners
  • API mechanism utilized within ExtremeCloud

Device Enablement

  • Network prerequisites to device enablement including networks services and device certificates
  • Device enablement process
  • Devices and the Cloud handshake
  • Web interface status and Device LED indications device enablement
  • Troubleshoot unsuccessful device enablement

Switch Configuration

  • ExtremeCloud switch port configuration
  • Switch for PoE configuration
  • LAGs and configuration
  • VLAN configuration on switches in ExtemeCloud
  • Loop avoidance technologies used in ExtremeCloud

Access Point Configuration

  • AP management within the ExtremeCloud
  • AP Radio configuration including:
    • Channel Selection
    • Radio Wireless Features
    • Parameters
  • Troubleshooting tools: Live Capture and Traces

Provisioning Overview

  • Configuration dependencies and options when provisioning a Network
  • Performing a network service verification including creating a Network and validating a client

Network and Client Configuration

  • ExtremeCloud network uses
  • Network Wizard for creating a Network, setting a schedule for SSID, and choosing default parameters
  • Viewing wireless clients
  • Using the Whitelist or Blacklist to manage clients
  • Authentication types supported
  • Adding a RADIUS Server and using for authentication
  • Network advanced settings for client management, admission control and session timeout

Policy Configuration

  • Policy configurations on ExtremeCloud including:
    • Rate limits
    • Class of Service values, Type or Service and DiffServe Code Point
    • Role creation
    • Default Rules, network Rules and Application Rules parameters
    • Configure VLANs

Captive Portal

  • Using Captive Portal to manage wireless clients
  • Captive Portal types
  • Captive Portal network access steps
  • Splash screen configurations for Captive Portal


  • Sites and related parameters
  • Using floor plan to manage the wireless network
  • Device, Network and Role assignments
  • AP Radio settings
  • Syslog and SNMP configurations

Dashboard and Analytics

  • Using the Dashboard to perform Network Analysis

Recommended prerequisite course

Campus EXOS Switching and Routing