ECE Networking Recertification Boot Camp

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ECE Networking Recertification

Duration:5.0 Days
Training Method:Instructor Led Classroom
On-site Deliveries:Please contact your local Extreme Networks representative for special pricing.
Course Overview:Within this accelerated lecture and lab course, students will review methods of properly configuring and managing their network infrastructure utilizing the numerous network convergence, management and security functionality within the Extreme Networks switching, routing, wireless, network management and Policy solutions. The focus of the materials will be on new Extreme Networks wired, wireless features and network management features. Students are expected to understand and apply the existing functionality, the exam is based on existing functionality and material presented in this Boot Camp. NOTE: This course is currently only offered to students will a valid ECE Networking Certification and will not cover
Who Should Attend:Network Managers, Architects, and Systems Integrators
Course Prerequisite:Students are required to have an existing ECE Networking certification, as well as solid working knowledge of the Extreme Networks switching, routing, wireless and network management solutions for attending this session.
Course Objectives:Upon completion of this course and exam, students will have successfully completed the recertification requirements.
Course Agenda:
    • ExtremeSwitching– Switching product family review, 802.1Q VLAN, Spanning Tree and MLAGs
    • ExtremeManagement– Bandwidth Optimization, Network management using Extreme Management Center, DeviceView, Advanced Scripting, Custom Reporting, Policy Management and Access Control
    • ExtremeSwitching– Routing technology review including Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and ACL and PBR
    • Wireless– Wireless product family review, HotSpot v2.0, ExtremeCloud, Topology Groups and ExtremeAnalytics Integration
    Recommended Next Course(s):Extreme Policy, Extreme Application Analytics, Extreme Control
    For Managers:The ECE Networking Recertification course is targeted for those users who have a valid ECE Networking certification and require completion of the recertification to the ECE Networking Certification. Ideal candidates for ECE Networking Recertification course are Network Administrators or Systems Integration Specialists who are tasked with the responsibility of installing, configuring and operating the infrastructure within your network domain. Upon completion of this course, your employees will have gained the ability to provide insight through real world lab exercises regarding the implementation, operation and management of the connectivity technologies utilizing the Extreme Networks family of products.
    Downloads:Download the Course Overview

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