Extreme Certified Architect

The Extreme Certified Architect (ECA) certification demonstrates a mastery of Extreme Networks product and solutions. This is the highest level of Extreme Networks technical certification.

  • ECA Certification focuses on the Implementation, Configuration and Optimization of Infrastructure and Security Solutions.
  • Professionals achieving the Architect level of certification have proven mastery level knowledge and understanding of Extreme product and solutions.
  • Student can achieve Architect by successfully passing a the Architect exams, including a hands-on Laboratory Exam.


The Extreme Networks Certified Architect – Networking Certification focus on Students competence of the Extreme product and solutions by building a functional network utilizing the Extreme products and solutions.


ECE NetworkingThe Extreme Networks Expert - Networking Certification focus on Students competence of Wired Technologies as well as the Management of the devices using Extreme Networks Management platform.12 Days
Extreme Application AnalyticsManaging and troubleshooting the Extreme Networks Purview solution.1 Day
ECE Extreme Access ControlThe Extreme Networks Expert - Network Security Certification focus on Students competence using NetSight Management tools to impliment and manage individual users and applications in a Wired and Wireless Network.12 Days
ECA Hands-on LabComprehensive Hands-on Laboratory Exam and Written exam that encompass the technologies learned during the ECE-Network and ECE-Network Security Certification paths.2 Days