December 11, 2012

Right Place at the Right Time: IXPs and the BlackDiamond X8


ECIX Joins the Extreme Networks Family

Today we released a press release about how ECIX, the European Commercial Internet Exchange, Germany’s number two IXP, chose the Extreme Networks BlackDiamond X8.

There is a certain magic to being at the right place at the right time with just the thing that people want. Herta Heuwer, an industrious and creative Berliner, is a great example. In 1949 she put together a revolutionary combination of ingredients to come up with currywurst, a popular curry flavored sausage snackfood said by the Deutsches Currywurst Museum to be as much a part of Berlin as the Brandenburg Gate.

In a way, we feel like we are a little bit like Herta Heuwer with our BlackDiamond X8. One of the reasons the X8 is the right product at the right time is that we offer unparalleled density (768 10G or 192 40G ports in a 1/3 rack chassis) and performance (20+ Tbps throughput) along with class leading low power consumption (as low as 5.6W/ 10G port). Factors like these unbeatable performance and density stats have made the BlackDiamond X8 a popular choice for European IXPs.

Indeed, when London LINX, one of the largest IXPs in Europe, needed help carrying the torrent of traffic they expected from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games they turned to Extreme Networks, a decision that paid off. John Souter, CEO of London LINX, put it like this: “Working together this way has helped deliver a major success for LINX and Extreme Networks, at a time when the eyes of the world were watching.”

It is an honor to have been selected by ECIX and London LINX. We have other IXP success stories to come shortly, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, any recommendations for good currywurst in Berlin?

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