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Welcome Brocade partners! Extreme Networks is committed to ensuring minimal disruption to your business so that you are set up for success now, as well as in the future, as you integrate into the Extreme Partner Network.

All sales, quoting and order processes will remain on Brocade systems until Nov 30th (or further notice).


Extreme continues to provide eligible Brocade partners with programs designed to drive continued sales of Extreme products between now until the launch of Extreme’s new Unified Partner Program in January 2018. Partner and Distribution MDF and Rebate programs will be managed by Extreme through Extreme Partner Portal. Please find more details below and in the FAQ document.

At our Global Partner Summit in October, we will unveil a new, unified partner program for all Extreme partners that we plan to have fully launched by January 1st, 2018!

Find out more below from leaders of both organizations as to what this acquisition means to you and what you can expect moving forward. Always feel free to reach out to our team today to discuss further!

How to Continue Selling Brocade Products

All quoting, special discount requests are now handled through Extreme. Please sign up as an Extreme Partner (check the “what´s next” tab, where you can find the description on where and how to sign up).

Order fulfillment will remain business as usual through known distributors.

The SRA Configuration tool will still be accessible here:

SRA Configuration Tool

Instructions (for external users):

  1. Log on as a guest
  2. Accept T&C’s
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your product purchase request
  4. Obtain output and provide to your local Extreme Account Executive, Extreme Inside Account Manager, or your Distributor to obtain pricing

Extreme Networks Introduces Loyalty Rebate Program for Brocade Elite Partners

Extreme Networks is pleased to announce the Loyalty Rebate program for eligible Brocade Elite partners transitioning to the Extreme Partner Program!

This program rewards Brocade Elite partners for your loyalty and partnership in continuing to drive business with Extreme Networks.  Partners will earn a back-end rebate for total hardware and software net revenue of Brocade Networking products acquired by Extreme Networks.

The Extreme Networks Loyalty Rebate program is effective from November 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017. To qualify, you must have been a Brocade Elite Partner as well as must register and be approved into the Extreme Partner Network (EPN) Program.  For partners who have yet to register for the EPN, please do so by signing up here.

Details will be sent to the eligible partners individually by email in the week of November 6th.

Extreme Networks Value Incentive Rebate Program for Brocade Distributors

Extreme Networks is pleased to announce the Value Incentive Rebate program for eligible Brocade Distribution partners transitioning to the Extreme Distributor Program. This program provides a Brocade Distributor an opportunity to earn a back-end rebate based on growth targets of total hardware and software net revenue of Brocade Networking products acquired by Extreme Networks. Targets will be set and communicated to all eligible distributors at the beginning of the program period.

The Extreme Networks Value Incentive Rebate program is effective from November 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017.

MDF Program

Extreme Networks is also pleased to provide eligible Elite/Premier Partners with proposal-based Marketing Development Funds (MDF), to support your continuing sales and marketing activities as you integrate into the Extreme Partner Network. To qualify and get access to the MDF tool you must register and be approved into the Extreme Partner Network (EPN) Program. For partners who have yet to register for the EPN, please do so by clicking here.

The MDF tool will be accessible through the Extreme Partner Portal. It will go live here Nov 6, 2017. All proposals and claims must be approved by the end of December. The MDF guidelines for Brocade Partners and Distributors will be posted here November 1,2017.

All eligible partners and distributors will receive an email communication in the week of Nov 6th with details where you can submit your requests.

For any questions on Brocade MDF please contact

Deal Registration

For Deal Registrations please use the Extreme Deal Registration Tool after December 1st, 2017. You can access it through the Extreme Partner Portal once you are fully signed up as a partner. The current deal registration T&Cs are extended until further notice.

All Deal Registrations previously approved by Brocade will be honored until the deal closes. You will not be able to see these previously approved deal registrations on the Extreme Portal, but your Extreme Partner Manager / Account Manager will have access to your deal registration internally.

You do NOT need to re-enter any previously approved deal registrations. For any concerns please contact your local Partner or Sales Account manager.

  • Extreme will honor existing Brocade support agreements for the remaining contract term.
  • Brocade warranties on existing products will be honored by Extreme.
  • There are no Customer or Partner-facing Service delivery changes. It’s “Business as Usual” until January 15, 2018 (more details to follow)

Methods for Contacting Brocade Support until January 15, 2018:

  • Online (Preferred method of contact for non-urgent issues):
  • Case management through the MyBrocade Portal
  • Phone (Required for Severity 1-Critical and Severity 2-High issues):
    • North America: 1-800-752-8061 (Toll-free)
    • International: 1-408-333-6061 (Not toll-free)
    • Toll-free numbers are available in many countries and are listed here

Find up-to-date information on the Brocade Support Transition

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  1. Please check the box “I would like to register as a partner”
  2. Please check this “My company is a new partner to Extreme and I would like to register my company for the Extreme Partner Program.”
  3. Please fill out the company profile form and identify yourself as an existing Brocade Partner.

If you currently are eligible in the Brocade BPN program for Rebates and/or MDF, you will be notified in the week of November 6th with detailed information by email.

Have you created your transition plan to Extreme Networks? Work with your Partner Account Manager to understand what resources are available to support your strategic investments.

Part III: Extreme + Brocade IP Networking Strategy

Watch product leaders from Extreme and Brocade discuss ongoing plans for Extreme’s IP networking strategy, including the approaching acquisition of Brocade’s Switching, Routing, and Analytics (SRA) assets.

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