November 09, 2015

Daren Dulac Talks Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Fantasy Football at Recent Bloomberg Government Panel

Daren Dulac Talks Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Fantasy Football at Last Week’s Bloomberg Government Panel

How will the growing role of technology impact the way athletes train and play? What can sports fans expect for their mobile experience on Game Day? These are just some of the questions answered recently during Bloomberg Government’s panel, “Building the Big Data Economy: The Winning Formula in Sports. 

Extreme’s Daren Dulac, director of business development & strategic partnerships for sports & entertainment, was joined by Brian Burke, senior analyst at and founder of Advanced Football Analytics, Isaiah Kacyvenski, sports advisory board chair of MC10 and Mark Lehew, global vice president, sports & entertainment at SAP, to explore how athletes and fans are benefiting from Big Data and predictive analytics in sports. As anticipated, the impact of Big Data on a fan’s Game Day experience was a leading topic and Daren touched on how it impacts everything from Fantasy Football to stadium bathroom lines.

Some key takeaways included the growing consumer demand for transparency and convenience; fans want insight into their favorite players’ stats and access to those stats in real time, whether they’re on their couch or sitting at a game. Daren also explained that in order to engage fans, franchises must start by connecting them. Engagement stems from connectivity and leads to monetization benefiting both the franchise and the fans.


To catch up on everything the panelists had to say, tune in below to watch the full session below!

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