October 30, 2012

CRN 2012 Tech Innovator Award for the BlackDiamond X8

At Extreme Networks our goal is very simple, to build the best Ethernet switches in the world. With the BlackDiamond X8, we may have succeeded.

CRN has awarded us the 2012 Tech Innovator of the Year in Enterprise Networking for the BlackDiamond X8. With winners being chosen by the CRN editorial staff based on technical merit and other factors, it is an honor to once again have validation that we have succeeded in building something special.

For us the BlackDiamond was a leap of faith. In the past, we had spun our own ASICs, a big and expensive undertaking for a small company like Extreme, one which added expense and increased time to market without delivering as much as we had hoped in the way of advantage for the customer. Working with partner Broadcom and freed from the heavy burden of ASIC design, we found that we could be the fast and nimble company that our customers wanted and we are able to accelerate time to market for leading switches like the BlackDiamond X8. Better products into the hands of our customers, faster.

Of course we are happy with the way the BlackDiamond X8 has turned out, with leading latency, throughput, scalability and power consumption. But a wise customer would probably want some sort of 3rd party validation, so we turned to the Lippis Report, and Nick Lippis found the BlackDiamond X8 to be 3-10x faster than any other core switch on the market and best in class for cloud, DC and HPC deployments. Some of the results included:

  • Lowest Latency (2.3 μs)
  • Highest Density (768 10GbE Ports in 14.5 rack units)
  • Lowest Energy Consumption (5.6W per Port):

These characteristics make the BlackDiamond X8 ideal for some very demanding applications. IXPs, such as London LINX, use the BlackDiamond to carry huge amounts of traffic. Demanding supercomputing installations, such as NCSA’s Blue Waters Sustained Petascale Computing project, use the BlackDiamond X8 to help solve mysteries like cosmic evolution, weather forecasting and other compute intensive operations. Oil companies such as PetroChina use the BlackDiamond X8 for the complex geological analysis used to find more oil. O’Reilly Auto Parts uses us in their massive data centers to grapple with the challenges of Big Data. With SDN and OpenFlow support, the BlackDiamond X8 is well suited for deployment highly virtualized/cloud data centers.  Indeed, the BlackDiamond X8 was recently certified VCE Vblock Ready.

Check out the press release.

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