Every Enterprise Network
Needs a CoPilot

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ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot
Named One of the 10 Coolest New Networking Products Of 2021

Networks are complex and you spend most of your IT time flying solo.

  • How many alerts, alarms, emails, and tickets do you get each day?
  • How much time do you spend troubleshooting?
  • Do you trust your management tools to provide valuable insights?

You need to spend your precious time and energy focused on what matters – delivering great user experiences.

ExtremeCloud™ IQ CoPilot.

Your 24/7 Trusted Digital Advisor


CoPilot proactively eliminates the noise, significantly reducing the number of false alarms that can consume IT administrators’ time. CoPilot delivers clear insights and recommendations, that lead to fewer hours wasted, less risk, and an enhanced user experience.


CoPilot provides explainable recommendations which enable you to see, verify, and trust the data behind every recommendation. By validating network data with human intelligence, CoPilot learns and evolves, resulting in constant optimization and fast troubleshooting.


CoPilot reduces risk by proactively detecting anomalies before they become outages. It gathers and analyses data in real time, correlates it with other information, identifies patterns and provides human-like guidance on how to address a problem even before it arises.

We all know the problems in IT. Too many networks. Too few people. Too many random tools

ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot is here to help.

See and Trust the Data so You can Take the Right Action


Centralized visibility

Proactive anomaly detection

Time to think before you act

Explainable results

Trusted, auditable explanations

ExtremeCloud IQ

Streamline every aspect of your network from deployment to maintenance, helping IT and business focus on what’s important.

Explain Yourself, Hal

Imagine if your network ML/AI was explainable, if it offered a clear evidence supporting its recommendations.

Understand the Recommendations
Behind the Machine

Extreme Explainable ML/AI

Build a Digital Twin of Your Network

Proactively Simulate Network Devices Prior to Deployment

CoPilot At-A-Glance

Complex Problems – Simple Solutions

Extreme CoPilot utilizes Explainable ML/AI only for the most critical network anomalies such as:

PoE Stability, Radar Detection, Wi-Fi Efficiency, Wi-Fi Capacity, Device Uplink Efficiency, PoE Stability, Port Efficiency, DFS Recurrence, and Adverse Traffic Patterns.

It ensures you can see, verify, and trust the data behind every recommendation – and get to resolution faster.

Come Fly with ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot

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Available for all Wi-Fi devices with Pilot Licenses