March 21, 2012

Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

As a salesperson, you spend a lot of time looking for opportunities.  

When sitting down with a customer for the first time, you hope the customer’s needs will line up with solution offerings that you have. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

This makes it all the more exciting when you listen to a prospective customer describe in their own words a need they have and it matches up brilliantly with a solution you possess. 

That was the case for me last week as I sat through a local event discussing cloud computing.  There were seven panelists discussing the definition of cloud computing (in case you’re wondering, there were seven different definitions, perhaps more) and they were fielding questions from an audience of IT customers and vendors.   When asked about the biggest challenges for 2012, one of the panelists, from a managed hosting company with five datacenters, said that his biggest concern was quite simply: POWER.  (He said the word as if it should be in all CAPS.)  

Computing densities have become so great that power, and it’s inverse, cooling, have become his company’s biggest challenges.   The inability to cool his datacenters is stifling his ability to grow his business.  He continued on by commenting that the ability to work with multiple hypervisors was also becoming much more critical in the coming year.  Foreseeing the day when one major hypervisor vendor will not be the only player, he expertly articulated why he’d like a more open architecture.

I had to resist jumping on top of my chair and barking out like a snake oil salesman:  “I’ve got just the solution for YOU!”    But wow, was it gratifying to hear a prospective customer so clearly articulate two needs for which I have a simple solution.   Extreme Networks just began shipping the BlackDiamond® X8 chassis which supports 768 ports of line rate 10Gigabit Ethernet and it consumes less power (on a per port basis) than many of our competitors. And with integrated support for multiple hypervisor vendors along with an Open Fabric architecture, it looks like we have built the right box for the evolving data center, and not a minute too soon! 

Maybe you have the same challenges, or perhaps you are just curious. Regardless, have a look at the BlackDiamond X8 –

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